Sunday, February 21, 2010

WEEK 7: 30 miles including Foxboro 10-miler Race

Previous week miles: 35 miles
Sunday: active recovery ride on bike trainer x 30 min + core + upper strength at home
Monday, 5am: 5 mile TM easy + Plyopower class
Tuesday, 7am: TM Speed Ladder to 10 miles; Kind of a struggle I'm not gonna lie! PM ICE BATH!
Wednesday, 10am: knew it wasnt going to be a good day when i woke with sciatic pain down left side...Core + Elliptical x 20minutes, some TM but not enough to count. oh well, back at it tomrrow. Got a date with the FOAM ROLLER tonite!
Thursday, 10:30am: Strength Circuit, 3 miles TM (1 each at HMP/10KP/ 5KP), + Spin with Acea (intervals)
Friday, 5am: Spin with Ramona (cadence/endurance) +core; LEGS ARE REALLY REALLY TIRED...couldn't do all the sprints
Saturday: Dynamic warm-ups + 2 miles/strides
Sunday: FOXBORO 10-MILER; Goal 85ish????  RESULT: 80:02 my watch from start line/80:18 guntime
Miles this week: 30

Well the week ended well!  The week itself was ok.  I was a little nervous about how tired my legs were getting but I guess I backed off enough when necessary and still got in 30 miles that includes the race.  The cross training is key.  SO the race went way better than I thought it would.  First of all I stayed at my brothers where I sleep with BOOMER!  A 90 pound yellow lab who is so cute but snores and hogs the bed (good thing I'm not married, heh?).  So i didn't sleep great (even for me), but I guess I am used to it.  I had forgotten to bring a sleep aid tablet. 

Anyway, I got to Foxboro (about 10 minutes from John and Sue's) and my bid number was 199.  I thought that just had to be a good thing.  I was way early of course, but actually did some warming up and the start was 1/2 mile from registration, so that was good too.  It started a few minutes late and somehow I seeded myself WAY back- I have to get better at that.  The gun went off- without a warning scaring a bunch of us -haha. And so it began...

It was a really nice day- the wind in our backs for the first couple miles (knew that would bite us in the ass later).  Rolling hills pretty much until mile 8 which I LOVE.  I really like powering up the hillls (but in a relxaed way) and then picking up my turnover on the downhill.  I don't know if that's what you are supposed to do but it was working for me.  I could catch my breath and really get comfortable on the hills more so than flats.  My first mile was 8:40ish and I thought, oh crap- same 'ol.  But with each successive mile I shaved off some seconds and finally was hitting the mile markers at 8 minutes or even less.  The miles were all marked well and someone yelling out a time almost at each one- thank you!  Faltered a little at 7.5 miles - like why would I want to do this again next sunday...why is the back of my entire left leg numb....and other whining blah blah blah...but as we got to mile 9 - hello wind in our face-  I had only been pased by 7-8 people (1 female).  A guy I had been playing tag with earlier, and i thought i finally lost, blew by me at 9mile - I didn't have the kick he had - drats.  I think my last 2 miles were solid 8 minute miles into the wind, but felt slower, wish i could remember the splits.  I was working but still feeling ok- well maybe not if you had asked me at the time, I kinda recall thinking I felt like crap but that's not what i'll focus on!  I turned the corner for the finish and there was BOOMER and John, Sue, and Hailey!  I came in at 1:20:18 (my watch had 1:20:02 because I started it when i hit the start line).  Good thing they came early-  I told them 85-90 minutes! :) 

My left side still has sciatic stuff after 7 miles but I'll work on it, I should know how....:) NO STOMACH issues! WOO-HOO!!!!  I'm happy.  I never thought I would be able to string together 8 minute miles let alone do one!  I still clearly remember not being able to run to the end of Timberline Road in Colorado -and when I finally could do a mile it was a good 12 minutes!  OH AND I usually grab some recovery food/drink and take off, but they were doing a raffle and I just had a feeling....yep..."199" an asics long sleeve shirt! :)  lol  Ended the day at Whole Foods Market for a treat and Old Navy for some pants that fit.

Some silly stats:  18th F (30-39) of 68; the first 2 females were in this category; 37th female overall (of 178); 184 of 484 runners. 

This week will be another game with the weather and making sure I don't over do it.  I am going to try to catch up on Z's tomorrow and skip the early Plyopower class :( but will go in later for a strength circuit and maybe some treadmill easy.  The rest of the week is up in the air.  Excited for next week's 10-miler but almost nervous because I want to do sub-80 now!  This was such a surprise that I almost wish I had saved it till then!  :)Oh well, we'll see if it was a fluke I guess. 

crap, I just realized I made my speedwork a LOT harder! hmmm Something's going right in the process...and I love it!

BOOMER!!! :)

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