Saturday, February 13, 2010

WEEK 6: 35 miles (2/7 - 2/13)

Previous week miles: 40 miles fri to fri ...oops
Sunday: i got nothin but shredded legs...
Monday, 5am: Upper strength, 4 mile Treadmill + Plyopower class
Tuesday, 10am: 10mi roads (mid 6.5 miles Tempo - ugh)
Wednesday, 10am: Core + 4 miles TM easy
Thursday, 11am: Strength Circuit, 2 miles TM with 1/4mile hills (6%), Spin with Acea (intervals)
Friday, 5am: Core + Spin with Ramona (endurance ride)
Saturday: 15 miles roads (4+miles rail trail) (2:18/9:05ish pace- not bad for icy rail trails)

Very encouraging week, maintained mileage volume but do not feel like I over did it.  Taking last weekend off was probably a good thing.  Keeping balanced with spin, core, and plyopower classes, as well as the extra few miles on the treadmill when i don't have daylight is also helpful.  I think having good spin classes thu and fri will be great for my long runs or races on the weekend.  My long run today went really well.  Some of the first half was on rail-trails (4.5 miles) that were somewhat icy in parts and then dirt in others, the way back I ran the road so I could run some rolling hills.  My favorite cows were in their barn so I didn't get to stop and chat with them! :(  I wanted to keep it slow but not painfully so.  I think I attained that and averaged about a 8:45-9:15 pace (saw a 7:50 on a downhill mile ;)); my half marathon split was 2:00:30 (that used to be a race goal! woo-hoo).  So I think it went well- I wasn't struggling and think I could get out some faster miles in a race...that is the point right?!  I was feeling it after 13 miles though- tight left side- hamstring/hip/sciatic, but that should get better as I train into and maintain higher mileage and maybe, oh i don't know, ....STRETCH! duh.  Still don't love the Nike structure traix trail shoes on the roads, but my feet were dry.  Had a GU at 6.5 miles and at 11 with some water and that was it. No stomach issues as of yet....Can't wait for beers tonight with the girls ... 

Still need to work on a warm-up routine  AND  need to get some quality speedwork done on the track- not just treadmill.  Not sure how to schedule this week's workouts with the 10-mile race on Sunday and snow forecasted.  Mileage might end up real low, but I could use an unloading week I guess.  It should all come together...its a process....and i love it!


  1. LOVE the set up of the blog - good organization like this will help you massively in your training!
    Good luck with the week's training :)

  2. Thanks Howard! I don't know what happened- I'm COMPLETELY OBSESSED! Never been an athlete before in my life! Better late than never I suppose. :) Its funny you commented today as I was about to comment about your "engagement"! Pretty cool stuff you have going on, I'm very impressed! Wish I could come visit you guys!