Monday, February 8, 2010

Indoor State Track Meet, Class I, M, S

Not my running, but running none the less so I'll post it.  I went to the state track meet with my Huskies sunday at Dartmouth.  We have a small, young team, but they have big hearts and work real hard.  We met for treatments at 7am at MRHS, everyone was guardedly loose- I think they were somewhat nervous, but not overly so. I really don't speak unless spoken to in these kinds of situations...  (they might disagree) :)

At the meet the first thing they did was announce the All-State team.  We had 4 athletes selected...Nick, Jenna, and Michaela Athanasopoulos and Jon Hanninen.  Good selection- by far the hardest workers on the team...probably in the state.

Then the meet begins.  There is a lot to be done in a really short period of time and I don't know how they do it. I didn't run sunday, but my heart rate was up for most of the afternoon!  From today's Sentinel (omg they mentioned Monadnock High School sports):
As expected, the local contingent was led by Monadnock juniors Nick Athanasopoulos and Jon Hanninen.
Athanasopoulos won the state title in the 55 hurdles — beating out Hanninen 7.90 seconds to 7.93 — and was second in the high jump (5 feet, 10 inches) and long jump (21-2). Hanninen was also second in the 600 meters (1:25.60) and fifth in the long jump (19-9.75). Both helped the 4x400 relay team place seventh.
A pair of fifth places paced Monadnock’s girls. Michaela Athanasopoulos was fifth in the long jump (15-08.50) and Chelsea Kruse was fifth in the 55 hurdles (8.93).

The dynamics of the Jon and Nick relationship are awesome.  They work hard together and the race mentioned above (55 hurdles) is the one where they really get after it.  Jon complains about Nick hitting him at each hurdle and it's always close.  I was standing a ways down from the finish with some people in front (I get too nervous to actually watch too close) so when they both leaned in at the finish I thought they both fell....I almost puked.  But when i looked again I could tell by Nick's big smile that he had prevailed (by .03); don't worry, Jon was smiling too- just with gritted teeth underneath.  That will be a source of ribbing until spring.  Later, Jon's 600 was phenomenol!  He did end up getting beat at the finish (by like .07 or something ridiculous) but he ran the race so well.  He knows he had a great race and was exhausted.  I wish we had more distance and middle distance runners- those races are fun to watch because they are so tactical.  We had some guys like Spencer make a surprisingly good showing during the 400 relay- lets hope he sticks with it.  Overall, the boys tied for 4th with 42 points.

On the girls team, Chelsea is awesome to watch during hurdles and she is looking forward to the 300 hurdles in the spring.  She's been a little sick/injured and I can't wait for her to get healthy so she can get back to quality training (coach too!).  We have a little work to do in this break before spring, but I am sure she will do well.  She is another hard worker on the team.  The twins (Jenna and Michaela) are always improving.  As freshman they are still finding their niche in the sport, but right now they are good at everything they try.

Like I said this is a young team. I'm glad they will all be here for another year- they are a nice group to be around. Nick has already determined they will win the indoor championship next year and I have to say I am on board with that.  Nick and Jon will compete at New Englands in Boston, March 5th. 

Today, however, is a day of active recovery in the form of "dropping some J's in the gym" (Nick playing basketball) and Jon spinning his legs on the bike.  Chelsea came in for some treatment and we will work on a plan to get her healthy and strong over the next few weeks.  I am excited to watch the spring lets get rid of the snow already!  First home meet is April 9th!


  1. How fortunate the Huskies' Boys and Girls' Indoor Track and Field teams are to have a dedicated, knowledgeable Athletic Trainer like you! Congrats to all the student/athletes that competed! And kudos to those that made New Englands!

  2. haha Jen!! I completely forgot about this blog. I havent seen you in what seems like forever!!