Sunday, March 21, 2010

WEEK 11: 23 Miles and New Bedford Half Marathon

Previous week: 20 miles and a better attitude
Monday: 5 miles TM; core/yoga
Tuesday: track workout: 800/2x400/2x200/2x400/800...equal dist. recovery, 4miles; pretty consistent numbers; need to work on longer intervals and track workouts in general...i can see how it will be very beneficial; tendonitis is flaring in right ankle :(
Wednesday: core/yoga; no run, tendonitis/bursitis is I'm getting annoyed and a little freaked out...
Thursday: Core + Spin with Julie (strength intervals) + fastest yoga ever; ankle feels better- MAGICAL what a day of rest can do! Hmmm Hope I remember that...tempted to run....grrr better wait....
Friday: Core + Spin
Saturday: warmup +  1mile/strides; Chipotle Burrito; Hailey's play in Foxboro, MA...
Sunday: New Bedford Half Marathon, Goal...SUB 1:50..It's on like DONKEY KONG!
Miles this week: 23

I'm a little miffed by the low mileage this week, but I guess it helped for the half marathon.  And the fact that I can barely walk right now unless I am on my right tippy toe is a little troublesome, BUT I met my goal by a lot!  First I didn't go into this feeling very good about my ankle, then I kept thinking about the lack of a long run in a very long time, and the low mileage for a couple weeks.  So there were things on my mind.  After a delightful day at the theater (Hailey was in the play, Little Mermaid), I went out to warmup and jog around a little....ankle raged almost immediately.  I hit the ibuprofen hard for the rest of the night and morning.  I got to sleep with BOOMER once again- such a cuddly 90 pound lug (yellow lab)! 

Sunday morning I met Karen at the Wrenthem outlets (no shopping this trip).  We did our usual sandbagging and gossiping and got a pretty premier parking spot if I do say so myself.  Registration was a debaucle and the start even more so as the race itself started late and then earlier than the late they predicted...confusing. 

So the race starts and I put the ankle out of my mind.  I felt ok otherwise.  The miles didn't go as quickly as they did in Amherst, but I did get to the 10 mile mark faster than I did for that race (1:19), so I knew I was on pace for a PR...a big one.  But it was also this time when the ankle started to get irritated and I had to agree that I had wished it was a 10 mile race too.  But onward I went.  BIG GIANT hill at mile 12, which I was ready for...what I wasn't ready for is how long it was from the top of that hill to the finish!  I thought you reached the top, turned right, and that was it...but it was 2 rights and a ways...right turns were not appreciated by the ankle at all and neither was the downhill.  But it is what it is and I need to work on having a little friiggen kick at the end- I had no turnover!  But in I came at 1:45 (and a lot of change, but nevermind that ;)), pace was 8:06 overall.  Good enough for a bag of peanut butter M&M's AND maybe a cadbury egg!! :)
Splits (I love my new watch- way cuter than the Garmin):
8:03 small hill
8:25 hill
7:54 feel like some of those miles were at a slight downhill
8:25 not sure what happened here?
8:36 HILL
9:20 1.1mile split + the rest of that blasted HILL, but I shouldve made it up on the downhill into town- just kinda petered out
Looks like miles 5-8 is where I am most comfortable as usual- I have got to figure out how to get to that feeling faster and sustain that- duh.  I remember thinking that some of that was at a slight downhill too.  Right where I started to fall apart there was a group that I shouldve tried to stick with as we were heading into the wind by the ocean at this point, but didn't- dumbass.  This must have been that slow mile.  Other than that I didn't really have any interactions with any other runners that I remember...kinda boring in that regard- at least no children went whizzing by me this time. It always amazes me that in a race that big I can find myself completely on my own at times.  Once I stopped running the bursitis flared to a new level, but I got to ice (like a good athletic trainer) while sitting in the sun after Karen finished.  It was a really nice day!  Then the chowda made up for the debaucle of the registration and start.  Mmmmm. 

Only walked thru 2 water "stops" (the first of which went straight up my nose and down the back of my throat...interesting.  Cups were WAY too big and too full.) and one GU - which I prob didn't need.  Also pounded 3 waters at the finish and I think that helped fend off my usual post race GI issues. 
ANYWAY, I met my goal, and in fact had a half marathon PR of 11 minutes...not too shabby for 4 months of work!  AND I ran this race 5 years ago and finished 2:20!  Anyway, it took me all last season to get 12 minutes off.  Next goal will be sub 1:45 (or really a pace under 8:00...I'll take 7:59 for cryin out loud...for a little while anyway)), but it won't be at my next HM as that is planned to be Temple, NH next month...LOTS OF HILLS is what I am hearing, so that will be more of a training run with a friend.  My real outlook is on to the TRAILS - time to get dirty!!  Could make for some interesting blogging.  Got to keep up the crosstraining (yes, including yoga...yick) and get better at track workouts....BUT FIRST GET A DOC TO INJECT THIS BURSITIS! I guess my workouts this week depend on when i can get that done....its a process...and I love it!

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