Sunday, March 28, 2010

WEEK 12: ZERO miles and Bursitis

Previous week: 23 miles, New Bedford HM, and bursitis
Monday: OFF...way off..
Tuesday: corticosteroid injection- didn't even hurt!! But she says 10 days off....HA...I talked her down to a really 5 days :) if it responds; wore walking boot for 6 hours and iced x 2
Wednesday: core; iced x 4, walked without a limp at 1:30pm! woo-hoo.
Thursday: ellipticalx30+ core + upper strength; GETTING KINDA CRABBY....
Friday: bike trainer x 25min; birthday cake....argh
Saturday: VOLUNTEER at Fast Friends race... 75 min elliptical + core...
Sunday: 60 min elliptical + core + strength
Miles this week: ZERO ;(

This will be a short week summary.  Got a corticosteroid injection for Retrocalcaneal Bursitis on Tuesday morning.  Dr. Shafer said it could be 5 days before it really kicks is day 6 and although i can walk pretty normally- running is out of the question (I've only tested a couple steps, I swear).  She wanted me to wait 7-10 days anyway.  I'm questioning if I shouldve gotten the injection and instead just kinda let it run its course, but time lost is time lost.  I've been icing religiously and will try some heat tonight and ultrasound this week.  One of these mornings I will wake up and feel normal again!  I hope real soon.   I am hoping I can run by thursday and if so will try to get ready for the Merrimack River 10 mile trail race.  (I just registered ;)) I am so looking forward to it, but I don't want to get in over my head right away and do have a couple trail races planned for May if I really can't do it.  I have my trail sneakers all ready to go- just would feel better if I had run in them a little bit and perhaps negotiated something a little more technical than the rail trail!!!!  I guess it would be a great learning experience.  Ramona is planning on coming with me so I would plan to try to just stick with her and see how it goes.  :)  In the meantime, lots of spin classes, elliptical (ZZzzzzz), and strength training/core. 

Mentally i'm hanging in there, could be worse and I am trying to have a positive outlook.  This is one of those things that can pop up again and again so I want to be sure it's gone.  I have been really proud of myself at mixing things up and keeping good balance, so I am more than a little irritated that it started with something so silly- DRIVING!  I usually wear my flipflops for long trips and didn't and my sneaker was digging into the back of my ankle....duh.  Of course everyone assumes it's overtraining, but looking at my mileage the last 3 weeks proves otherwise..I am clearly undertraining!  This was supposed to be a big week back into higher mileage.  Oh well, I built up once and can do it again.  Just want to get back at it.  It's a process....and i love it...

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