Monday, March 15, 2010

WEEK 10: 20 miles and better attitude

Previous week: 26 miles and a bad attitude

Monday: eilliptical (weak) + plyopower; Core
Tuesday: OFF / Glorified Stretching (yoga)
Wednesday: circuit madness #5 + 8 x 30sec:60sec +Accel Run 10min; 4 miles
Thursday: 10 miles (1:35); lost splits on new watch because I'm a dumbass...tried to do mid 5 at pace....felt good after 4 mi
Friday: Core + Spin with Ramona (pro-intervals); drive home (NY)
Saturday: BW circuit/Jillian Michaels DVD workout...with Zach
Sunday: 6 soggy miles, lots of hills; drive back to NH
Total miles: 20

So my bad mood wore off pretty quick as usual.  Light mileage week- still do wish i had gotten that last long run in DAMNIT! (oops there it is again)...Anyway, I did as my body was saying and really shut it down for a couple days.  Wednesdays circuit madness and speedwork on the treadmill felt good and I kept it really short and to the point.  Then thursday I had a nice 10 miler outside...tried to do mid 5 at pace but lost my splits on my new watch...argh.  I hope I get better at being able to gauge how fast I am running.  Maybe once I get to the track more.  Anyway, I picked it up here and there and it felt good after the first few miles.  Then I drove home for the weekend- in the driving rain...which lasted all weekend.  Saturday I worked out with my nephew (see pictures).  We did one of my circuits and my sister has the Jillian Michaels DVD (Biggest Loser) of which I did level 2....same prinicple as the Plyopower classes where there's a "strength move" circuit followed by intervals of cardio stuff.  Pretty good workout especially with an almost 5 year old running in circles around you and the second I hit the floor to do anything else he thought that meant wrestling!  My arms and shoulders are so sore just from fighting him off and doing planks with him on my back!  I tried to get him to do some yoga later...he thought that was boring...and I can't say I disagree, but it is helping keeping my hips and legs from getting too bound up.  Sunday I headed out for a soggy 6 miles run- there are a lot of hills at home and essentially I felt like I did a condensed version of the Amherst race course profile.  Dirt roads and a little rainy- but lots of spring bird sounds that make me happy.

Paranoid about getting sick this week, especially since I have the week off from work!  Too much downtime isn't usually good for me-as of now feeling pretty healthy.  Unfortunately I noticed some soreness on my right lateral ankle last night after getting home...peroneal tendonitis?  Hopefully just from the hills and then 6 hour drive....feel it today but got through a 5 mile treadmill cups are in the freezer. 

Getting pretty anxious for Sunday!  It'll be another low mileage week, but I'd be pretty pissed at myself if I showed up to New Bedford tired and/or injured.  I have all spring/summer to add some serious mileage and this early spring has gone WAY better than I ever could have imagined!  Once I reach (or completely blow out of the water) that half marathon goal I can continue onto to Phase 2....TRAILS!  Its a process...and I love it.

Below....Zach making planks next to impossible.....some core and some cardio (he is always that joyous...unless he's hungry)...and yes, HUGE FEET/TOES - like uncle David!

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