Sunday, April 11, 2010

WEEK 14: 5.5 miles; not much but it's something!

Previous week: zero miles and bursitis
Monday: spin + core; LOSING MY GOOD ATTITUDE! :(
Tuesday: Circuit Madness with elliptical; perhaps some improvement in the ankle???? I won't get too excited yet.
Wednesday: spin + elliptical + core; I think it really is getting better! Maybe a little run tomorrow?!?!? I'm so excited!
Thursday: spin + elliptical + 1 MILE TREADMILL!!!! A little sore still but it didn't get worse even after Spin class.....might be making some headway....
Friday: Spin + core + 1.5 miles Treadmill - no good. Bursitis blew up- i might lose my cool... iontophoresis treatment at KSC
Saturday: IONTO WORKS???? Feel good, but I"m cautious- will test it out tomorrow....Spin + circuit madness with elliptical
Sunday: rail-trail????? Yep- 3 miles of bliss....
This week: 5.5

So a tough week emotionally!  I was really going to lose it when my attempts on thursday and friday failed.  I freaked out to Dr. Swiger at KSC (and anyone that would listen really) and she suggested iontophoresis...I always thought this was a bogus treatment but I was going to try anything at that point, so they hooked me up.  Burnt my skin a little and didn't feel much different right away.  I went to work that afternoon and we had a track meet....I ran from the track to my office for something without thinking and realized it didn't hurt to run!  Un-freaking-believeable.  I woke up satruday and same thing - no pain with walking or a couple steps of running.  I stuck to my plan of spin and circuit to see if that would irritate it...nope....treated with ultrasound and ice anyway.  Hmmm.  Decided I would test it out on the rail trail today...about 3 miles of bliss (and it's been a long while since I've experienced bliss believe me! ;))  No pain and I even stopped to walk and assess every so often. I could "feel" it, but I wouldn't call it pain.  So I cut it off at 3 miles and am icing now.  The guy down the road yells from his porch "Where you been? I thought you moved!"  HAHA Kinda funny and a tad creepy at the same time! Anyway, will ask for another iontophoresis treatment tomorrow and maybe wednesday and go from there!  Maybe a little further on the rail trail tuesday!?!?  I can only hope!  The kids at school will be as excited as I am in the progress... I may have been a teeny bit crabby last week! :)

What have I learned from this minor blip in my training called "bursitis"? First, the runner in me is way more difficult and IRRATIONAL than the athletic trainer- but both are pretty damn stubborn. Second, injuries will heal- especially ridiculous ones like this one, even on'd think I would have a grasp on that considering I get athletes back on the playing field every week!  But again, the irrational runner prevailed.  Third, with all the time not spent out on the roads I have rekindled my love of the kitchen and cooking!  Homemade Marinara on the stove now and meatballs chillen in the frig!  Also made some breakfast bars and marathon cookies that aren't half bad.  Oh and a chicken, qunioa, and olive salad (with artichoke, tomato, spinach) (Mmmmm)...took that one to a get together last night and have a teeny bit left for my lunch.  So I will get back to cooking more often- it calms me- will need to make some "recovery Chili" when i finally get to run some races anyway.

I am looking forward to getting back in gear and getting on the trails!  At least I got to keep my fitness and strength up so I am not starting totally from I did in January!  Not sure about my next race- have to see how it goes.  Would like to do something before I go home for the trail race in NY on May 8th, but we'll see..  I have to take it slow this week and not get ahead of myself ...I can definitely feel it now that I've run, whereas this morning there was nothing, so steady as she goes....I think I'll celebrate with a beer - Harpoon UFO White- PERFECT!  Don't I sound calm and collected?  It's a process, almost back on track, and I love it....


  1. We are always so caught up in prescribing sensible training for athlete after athlete, so when it comes to ourselves - we just go for it. I do it too! You will get the miles back :)

  2. Thanks Howard! It was such a little thing but it TOTALLY freaked me out - especially since things were going so well...could have been alot worse - as YOU of all people know! :) I hope I learned something from it and don't freak out next time, and there will be a next time...Run and learn!

  3. One of our team docs said to me on Monday after asking me how my weekend running events went, "now you're going to take a day or two of recovery right?" I smiled and he said "do what you tell your athletes to do, don't push it and let your body recover." It's always easy to tell our athletes what to do, but when it comes to us, we throw reason and logic out the window. I did follow my own advice so my back wouldn't flare up and took MOnday off, walked and light jogged for an hour on Tuesday and feel great today, still sore in those hammies though.
    Glad it's feeling better for ya!!!