Sunday, April 18, 2010

WEEK 15: 25 miles and finally some trails

Previous week: 5.5 miles
Monday: spin + core + short elliptical; still feeling good- optimism is creeping in...
Tuesday: Rail-trail to Reservoir Rd, about 6 miles; gets sore but manageable as long as I keep it short....treatment tomorrow and stick to every other day until it decides that I will win....
Wednesday:circuit madness + TM (8 x 30:60sec /7.5:6.0) + 10 minute accelration run 6.8 - 7.5 (2 min increases); Total 3 miles. Feel good- getting excited, but guarded- not sore during run but sore to the touch afterward for sure...
Thursday: Kinda lethargic...bummer because it looks like the last nice day for awhile! 4 miles railtrail- blah and a little ankle annoyance; Tried to regroup for spin class, but again lethargic. Maybe a day off tomorrow?
Friday: off; still not sleeping well
Saturday: 1mi TM - Plyopower class 45min- 3mi TM with hills; 4mi TM Total....FEEL GOOD! Sore to touch but nothing a little ice won't take care of, that was a good workout and test. Trails with Ramona tomorrow 90 minutes! Lets hope this thing stays calm today- getting ice right now!
Sunday: RUN - Trails with Ramona, 90 minutes- we'll call it a nice slow 8 miles.
This week: 25

I'm back.

The bursitis has decided to go away- mostly.  Still get a little sore but ice and a nights rest is all it needs to be calm for the next days run! WOO-HOO!  I was getting pretty stressed.  So time to stop thinking about the time lost and move forward. 

Saturday and Sunday were definitely good tests for it- both 90 minute workouts.  Got to do a plyopower class for the first time in 5 weeks- felt good and not as hard to get back into as I thought it would be.  Did 1 mile on the treadmill before class and 3 miles afterward - most at 8:30 pace- added some hills in the 3 miles.  Felt really good and wouldve done more had I not been so hungry. 

Sunday, 90 minutes with Ramona up in Keene on Drummer Hill....FUN!  We chatted the entire time and just took it real easy.  Exactly what I wanted to do to test out the ankle and the new trail sneakers. She was doing a recovery run so it was a perfect match- she will be a great running partner!  Oddly, I was getting a little motion sick...I hope that wears off after a couple more runs.  The sneakers felt good once I had them tied tight enough.  Can't wait to explore Pisgah St. Park near my house and start adding some higher intensity workouts this week.  Yippee!  It's a process...and I love it!

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  1. Glad to read that you are doing better.
    Love and miss ya. Be smart.