Sunday, April 25, 2010

WEEK 16: 32 Miles and some quality workouts and Amherst 5-miler

Previous week: 25 miles
Monday: spin + core
Tuesday: Track with Ramona, 6am
Equal distance active recovery in between- no walking; 8 miles overall
Wednesday: 30 min bike trainer; 20 minute run- we'll call it 2 miles; core
Thursday: AM:circuit madness + TM 1% @ 6.0; half-mile pickups at 7.2 x 4 +quarter-mile pickups at 7.5 x 4 = 55minutes for 6 miles;
PM: explore Pisgah- total awesomeness- I'll leave it at that :)
Friday: just off
Saturday: 10 miles rail-trail to Hinsdale; I was going to try to do a negative split but when i turned around I noticed the headwind! So was happy the second 5mi were within 10 seconds of the first 5 miles. 8:40pace/87minutes; Felt great- didn't even think about the achilles. AND my water bottle didn't get stolen!!!  I did hide it better- almost ran past it myself.
Sunday: Amherst 5 miler with 2 mile warmup; 39:09/7:49 pace; pretty hilly/windy as the splits show, but a good run for being tired from the tempo run saturday. 8:11/7:28/8:19/7:23/7:46 Had a side-stitch miles 4-5 which is a bummer because the last 1/2 miles is completely downhill- should've cruised.
This week: 32 miles

Game on.  It's a process and I love it....

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