Sunday, April 4, 2010

WEEK 13: ZERO miles and stubborn bursitis

Previous week: zero miles and bursitis

Monday: spin + core
Tuesday: circuit madness + elliptical x 60min; actually worked up a sweat on the elliptical!
Wednesday: spin + elliptical; back into the walking boot in between workouts- just not getting better, I was wrong yesterday. Progress in that it does calm down overnight, but not enough to run- shut her down until sunday! DRATS!
Thursday: spin + elliptical (NO RUN); Good workouts, but not sure how they will transfer to trail running! "Speed intervals" on the elliptical are kinda wonky. Good spin class, but I stayed seated the whole time so as to not irritate the ever-ruling bursitis- I hope that's really all it is. Trying not to get really freaked out, but I had hoped to be running by today- it's SO nice out!
Friday: core; gave up on being ready for the trail race as the bursitis is "better" but hurts walking today.
Saturday: spin + ellipitical + pout about not being able to run inthe great weather!
Sunday: short circuit madness+ more pouting
miles this week: 0

So another week without a single mile.  Trying not to freak out but it is getting harder to not be anxious. The bursitis is definitely calmed down for walking and stairs, but not for running at all- not even a step.  Am I really one of the 3% of people that doesn't respond to cortisone? Really?!? And such a stupid "injury", but it completely shuts me down!

I did get some cross training in all week and lots of strength and core.  Backed out of the Merrimack Trail race :( so my trail running race debut will be in NY in May...assuming I can get back at it soon!!!!!  Will have Dr. Shafer check on my ankle on tuesday- could be another week?!?  Ugh I don't know if I can handle it. I guess I should figure out some trails and routes for next week?  That'll be fun if I can actually use them!

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