Monday, June 14, 2010

WEEK 23: 27 Miles and a good long run...

Previous week: 18 miles
Monday:  still not feeling well - slept all day
Tuesday: core, short strength circuit, elliptical x 20 minutes; fell better but running still gets the sinuses pounding...hopefully tomorrow will be better...
Wednesday: 10 mile flat railtrail; probably should've done 6 or 8, kinda got bound up the last 2 miles...sometimes I feel like I'll never learn...
Thursday: ellipitical warm-up, core, TM 2 miles easy; feel better
Friday: nada, feel good though!
Saturday: spin, feel good!
Sunday: long trail run with Mariah; awesome run- 15miles; 2:26
This week so far: 27 miles

The week ended well considering how crappy I felt in the beginning of it!  Monster long trail run sunday was key.  We covered a very wet trail route 15 minutes faster than the last time we did it.  It felt really good.  Today I'm not "sore" but feel like I worked hard.  Very satisfying - i needed that. 

Looks like baseball is going to prevent me from running Greylock this weekend.  I have decided to forgo the marathon at this point and concentrate on getting faster and enjoying the shorter distances for awhile.  There are too many half marathons and other shorter trail races that I want to do this fall. I feel like I wouldn't be focused enough to approach a marathon training scheme and might not recover fast enough to run any races afterward well.  Maybe next year a really late fall marathon will be in the works. In the meantime maybe I can get my half marathon down closer to 1:40....its a process...and i love it...

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