Tuesday, June 8, 2010

WEEK 22: 18 miles and wallowing....

Previous week: 40 miles

Monday: Impromptu 5-miler race in Hancock; 45:02, tough course, but I felt surprisingly good considering all the running over the weekend- probably couldve gone out a little faster but my goal was to take it easy and hit around 45 minutes...
Tuesday: off; couple yoga poses - not real sore- just the weather making me feel like I could get a migraine headache...
Wednesday: circuit madness- no running in between sets; TM semi-speedwork all at 1%
Part 1: 7.5 for 30 sec: 6.0 for 1 minute x 8
Part 2: 10 minute progression run
1st-2nd min at 6.8
3rd-4th min at 6.9
5th-6th min at 7.0
7th-8th min at 7.3
9th-10th min at 7.5
3 miles in all... good little workout...
Thursday: 5k course x 1.5, real slow = 5 miles; a little sore, but mostly it was really humid out
Friday: Busted long run, got in 5miles, think last weekend may have caught up with me!
Saturday: just lazy and not feeling well...
Sunday: watch Rhody; 
This week: 18 miles

Not a good week obvioulsy.  The weather really kicks my ass and when it broke yesterday I thought I would feel better, but I'm pretty sure I have a sinus infection.  SO really just not feeling well and kinda freaking out.  I need to have a good week after a 40 mile week sometime!  Trying to keep in mind I had a good weekend last weekend and I won't lose all my fitness in a few days- although it already feels like it.  Just gotta get that good run in soon and all will be well again....it's a process....

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