Sunday, June 20, 2010

WEEK 24: 35 miles

Previous week: 27 miles

Monday: strength circuit/core + XT

Tuesday: 7 miles rail trail to hinsdale; very sore R side Piriformis/Sciatica

Wednesday: 5 mile Pseudo-Tempo - old westport road; kinda pussed out toward the end, but my hip/butt felt much much better today, whew! Got a blister for the first time in ages and really need to find some socks that i love. Broke out a new pair of structure triax 12's - just dont like the 13's.

Thursday: Track workout: 6 x 400
1:36/1:38/1:42 (?)/1:38/1:37/1:39 Pretty good workout, wanted to do more but my hip/butt was starting to bother me and I want to feel good for the long run saturday. Was really surprised I stayed under 1:40 - getting to 1:45 used to be a struggle not too long ago. Not sure what happened with the 1:42- i'm so easily distracted. :) Log 5 miles

Friday: Short Circuit/Core; spend some time with the foam roller and extra stretching to relieve hip/piriformis/hamstring/itband aches and pains... + Short run to Kilburn Pond and swim with Greg, log 3 miles...

Saturday: Long run with Ramona at drummer hill/lily pond; 14+ miles (log 15)- 3 hours. First 45 minutes pretty slow- middle hour got some work done and felt really good- by 2:10 I was done- the last 30 minutes on the really rocky fire road was brutal and i felt really sore. Overall a good workout and lots of time on my feet in the beautiful weather. Might need an ice bath after this one... Ramona has a new gadget...kinda cool to see the data...

Sunday: ??

Surprisingly not too sore today considering how awful i felt the last part of and after the long run yesterday. Got hit with a foul ball in the dugout last night- so theres a spot on my hammy that hurts! But really I feel good and am happy i have recovered so quickly. Didn't get myself together in time for a run before I had to go to work and now it's muggy so i guess I am in for the day....its early...we'll see. I had planned on being way more sore.  I feel pretty good about the week. Gets harder to plan with my schedule opening up....the possibilities are endless! Maybe some plyopower in the morning.  Looks like a 5K saturday and I want to get a long road run in before Cori comes to visit a week from friday.  Next race looks like a half marathon in Plymouth, NH July 17th - good profile and probable negative split out and back.  It's a process.....

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