Monday, November 8, 2010

WEEK 44: 23 miles

Monday  5+miles Keene Loop, 45 minutes, windy, saw a blue heron!
Tuesday 6+ miles (53min), Keene loop plus an extra loop...windy!
Wednesday  lazy
Thursday Short Circuit, log 2 miles Friday 7 miles TM/62 minutes- hills, pickups, felt good.
Saturday Plyoppower + 3 miles TM
Sunday 0
Miles: 23
Previous week: 27

Yikes, the week kind of got away from me.  Not many miles, but a couple good workouts.  Work got in the way of running 7 on Sunday to get 30 miles- and I wanted to hang with friends instead- I admit it.  Also my calves were (are) so sore from plyopower I'm not sure I couldve run a step as I was barely walking. Anyway, I guess i'm not focused on miles right now- just winging it for awhile- gotta get fitter, leaner, and faster this winter. It's a process...and I love it!

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