Sunday, November 14, 2010

WEEK 45: 22 miles

Monday: unmotivated
Tuesday: 3 miles, still unmotivated and crabby....getting sick?
Wednesday: AM1: circuit, not exactly "madness" but a good overall workout. TM intervals 5 x 7.5mph + 3 x 8 mph 45 sec: 45sec rest at 6.3 (1%); 2 miles
AM2: 5 mile KSC road loop; 44 minutes
Log 7 miles, feeling better...
Thursday: home improvement project
Friday: 5 mile Keene route, back to
Saturday: unmotivated and swim meet...0
Sunday: 7 miles with Griffin on Ashuelot-Hinsdale Railtrail

YICK, but today I ran with Griffin for the first time in awhile.  She always looks so joyful it's hard not to follow suit.  The run was good- first half way better than the second.  Kinda pooped right out at 50 minutes....gee I wonder why?  It was super nice out, but suddenly I am averse to feeling any discomfort and am finding it hard to push myself.  Pretty much the definition of unmotivated!  Hope it passes before I am back to a 10 minute mile race pace.  I don't have high hopes for Lil Rhody being a "good race" for me, but I know it's going to be a fun day with Greg's family and friends regardless.  It's sometimes a tough process, but I love it....


  1. Rhody's gonna be matter what, it always is!!!

  2. Word... the surgeon is always right!