Sunday, November 28, 2010

WEEK 47: 11 miles and Pie and Glove 5K and pictures

Monday: 35 minutes elliptical and light upper and core
Tuesday: 2 pathetic miles + elliptical because the run was so lethargic
Wednesday: 5 miles railtrail with Greg and Griffin early before traveling to NY; pretty good run- probably at my race pace the first half...
Thursday: PIE AND GLOVE 5K, Corning, NY; snowy! 22:49, log 4 miles
Friday: Travel, ugh
Saturday: sick
Sunday: sick

Clearly not the miles I wanted to aquire after finally getting in the mid-thirties last week, but I'm not feeling well today and will have time to make up for it this week I hope.  The 5K in Corning, NY went well.  I'm a little disappointed that I didn't PR by a larger margin, but it was a fun race.  It began to flurry right as we got there and it made for a nice atmosphere.  As the race started I was running pretty comfortably and thought I was probably going about an 8-8:30 pace.  I quickly decided I was ok with it and just kept steady.  I was really surprised to hit the first mile at 7:20.  I felt like I was running the same pace as Greg and I did the day before on the railtrail.  Mile 2: the same (7:21) and as we turned into the wind and snow furries I thought maybe I could get close to my goal.  I did, 22:49, a couple second PR (7:22 pace).  The problem is that I didn't push myself and I need to start getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.  "Do more 5K's" Greg says, so as he wishes that will be at the top of my agenda for a few months.  He got beat out by a Dartmouth kid in the end, but did still win a pie to take to Thanksgiving dinner at my parents house. 

This week, just get back at it.  A 5K in concord on saturday is tentatively planned.  Still don't feel organized, but it's a process, and I love it!

Here is a short article on the race in the local paper....
Pie and Glove 5K, Corning Leader

Here are some pictures from that day and a bunch from that camera I was waiting to get developed!

kate and jen

greg and jen

greg's pie...yes we are aware this is a TERRIBLE picture, but oh well.

After Baystate Marathon

All smiles after Baystate Marathon

Bringing it in at Baystate

The boys at Lil Rhody Runaround

Greg and Pard at Lil Rhody Runaround

Found Goupil at Madame Sheri Forest

Ashuelot-Hinsdale Railt Trail

Ashuelot Covered Bridge from railtrail

view from road section of Madame Sherri Forest Trail Race

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  1. Oh no! Jenny's sick :(

    Cool photos and good job on Thanksgiving.