Sunday, December 26, 2010

WEEK 51: 19 miles

Monday:  Spin + 2 mile tiny tempo treadmill run + core
Tuesday: Circuit Madness + TM 5 miles; good workout- worked on turnover, might be sore tomorrow!
Wednesday:  Spin + 3 mile TM- working on turnover; good workout, a little sore!
Thursday: off - headache
Friday: Drive to NY; Run at home with Boomer, 4 miles
Saturday: Run at home with Boomer, 5 miles - good hills; All I got for Christmas is obeast!
Sunday: drive back to NH;
Miles: 19

Pretty lackluster, but running with Boomer is always entertaining.  For a big dog he does a good job and I feel like he really turns it on up the hills just to to make me work!  Spin classes have been good for me.  I haven't been taking advantage of time that could be used for a quick run or ride on the trainer.  I also still haven't decided which race I will do for New Year's.  Westfield is very flat so I might want to take advantage of that and try to get a 10K PR while I can- even though I don't feel like I'm very fit right now.  Otherwise I could see how much I've improved on the course i ran last New Year's - but that is not an easy course at all- lots of hills.  We'll see. 

I am excited to get the snow shoes out and make my track around the yard and explore Pisgah on them!  Playing in the snow was fun - even the shoveling.  Maybe I'll get organized for the new year?  Gotta set some goals and plan some races!  It's a process...and I love it.

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