Friday, December 31, 2010

Week 52: 7 miles and the end of my first year as a runner

Monday: Nice big snowstorm!!!  Rode the trainer for 25 minutes; played in the snow and shoveled a lot....
Tuesday: Bike trainer x 25 minutes, light core; just wasn't feeling well
Wednesday:  TM 7 miles; Good workout although not very encouraging for an upcoming 10K
Thursday: Snowshoe hike in Pisgah with Greg and Griffin- beautiful out there! 
Add 7 miles to 2010.

2010 miles = 1327
24 Races


My goals for 2010 were:
1. Half Marathon sub-1:50 CHECK! 1:45@ New Bedford, 3/21/10
2. Trails, Trails, Trails (with confidence)
3. Miles, Miles, Miles (more miles)
4. Stay healthy and balanced... HAVE FUN!

I'm happy to say I met all of my goals....
1.  The New Bedford half marathon (March) is still the highlight of my year.  It was such a surprise especially because I was injured with bursitis at the time.  I really surprised myself with the effort and finally realized I could get stronger and faster.  I did have a pretty intense winter of workouts. I would have liked to run a faster race later in the year, but I was trying a little of everything and still feel pretty good about the fact that I can just go to a half and run under 2 hours without trying (Lowell). 
2. Trails- LOVE THEM.  I finally got out there and can say I am comfortable on them- especially when accompanied by my favorite wolf- Griffin.  I think I can really improve here.  Plus, Pisgah State Park will always be special since that was my way to get Greg's attention...Gee, which trails should I run on (as if I can't read a map!).  He didn't know there were cougars in there!  :)
3.  I am happy with the number of miles.  I have never kept track.
4.  "Stay healthy" is relative. I really only missed about 3 weeks due to bursitis back in March and I have my issues, but don't we all?  I definitely had fun!

This year was especially fun since I had a PR at every distance!  Granted I hadn't run most of them other than the half marathon or occasional 5K.  In those distances I improved immensely.  Like I have said before, I never thought I could run a single 8 minute mile and now I intend to have PR's at sub 8 minute pace in every distance in 2011.

2010 PR's
5K: 22:43 (7:19 pace), Concord Jingle Bell Run (Dec 2010)
5-Mile/8K: 38:37 (7:45 pace), Corning Glassfest 8K (May 2010)
10K: 50:55 (8:13 pace), Log Cabin NMC, Fitchburg (Jan 2010)
8-Miler: 1:08:20 (8:33 pace), Lil Rhody Trail Race (Nov 2010)
10-Miler: 1:20:18 (8:02 pace), Foxboro, MA (Feb 2010)
Half Marathon: 1:45:55 (8:06 pace), New Bedford (Mar 2010) was a very good year for me professionally, personally, and as a beginner runner.  It amazes me how running has brought so many awesome people (and doggies) into my life. I have learned a lot about myself and feel healthy and happy going into 2011.  Other than that, a year-end summary feels too stressful right now - so I'll work it out over the next few weeks as I figure out what I want to do in 2011.  I wouldn't want to over-analyze, but don't we all do that too?   It's an ever-changing process, and I love it!