Sunday, December 19, 2010

WEEK 50: 26 miles and South Woods Loop

Monday: long day at work, but that's a weak excuse
Tuesday: lazy and soft
Wednesday: Spin + 5 miles TM (incl. 3x .25 mile pickups and 3 x 200m pickups to 8.0mph + 1.0% grade); Good workout finally!
Thursday: Pisgah with Grffin, 7 miles; Beautiful day with light snow...only our tracks on South Woods trail.
Friday: didn't sleep well enough to get up at 4:15am for spin class, off
Saturday: Pisgah with Griffin, 7 miles; felt better on my feet on the trails, beautiful day in the park- good to see that there were at least a few other people out there enjoying it.
Sunday: Pisgah with Griffin, 7 miles; felt really good and more relaxed on the trail.
Miles so far this week: 26

Not a great week, but not terrible.  I have a lot of non-running projects on my mind, so it's amazing I'm not so preoccupied that I don't run at all.  It helped that I completely blocked Christmas out of my head- and will pay for it this week.  Anyway, Griffin was my running buddy all week.  We ran the South Woods Loop 3 times-it took that long to get my trail running feet back! The frost heaves are brutal!  I have so much more of Pisgah to explore, but each new trail to me just makes it more and more awesome. 

This week I'll just try to get miles in whenever and some strength work! Maybe when i figure out my spring races that will motivate me to get more organized with my workouts.  It's a process, and I love it!

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