Wednesday, January 5, 2011

WEEK 1: 25 miles

Monday, Jan 3: 4 miles on 119/Ashuelot Roads, chilly. 

Tuesday, Jan 4: Strength + 2 miles, pretty lethagic

Wednesday, Jan 5: Spin (Ramona's class, endurance hills) + 4 mile progression TM run, yoga stretches; good workout - the run felt tough, need more of those.

Thursday, Jan 6:  Back Ashuelot Road with 3 x 12 sec steep hill sprints, 2 x medium hill sprints; Core and Yoga stretches, 5 miles, surprisingly good workout in the afternoon.

 Friday:  Home projects, 0 miles

 Saturday:  pretty lethargic, 20 min trainer + light lift

Sunday:  10 miles, Fyffe's 10-mile loop in Putney, 91 minutes

25 miles.   Starting out slowly this year, but today's run in VT was a much needed self-motivating run.  My course was very challenging (thanks Fyffe), but I felt pretty good considering my lack of miles lately.  I haven't totally lost it...yet.  If I get into gear here soon I might be ok for making some gains this spring.  Maybe something flat next Sunday- like 13 miles.  At the same time the boys did their 18 miles and the "Putney Plunge" (video on fyffe's blog). Jess made us an amzing recovery breakfast.  Good times.

Looking further ahead...DH Jones 10 Miler Feb. 27 and New Bedford Half Marathon March 20.  Gotta get a move on!  It's a process, and I love it!

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