Sunday, January 30, 2011

WEEK 4: 32 miles

Monday: Circuit madness.  2 mile warmup; 1st circuit, 1 mile; 2nd circuit; 3 miles hill and speed play to 8 minute pace.  Finally a quality workout.  Only did 2 x 15 in the circuit but will increase it when I have more time. Took awhile for my feet to get warm even inside!  Log 6.

Tuesday:  5 mi TM + yoga stretch, kept it pretty easy, bit of a struggle but felt good afterward!  Log 5.

Wednesday:  30 minute warmup - I was struggling, but found if I went faster on the treadmill I was way more comfortable, so I decided to do a 20 minute "almost" Tempo run.  I ran 20 minutes at 8:30 to 8:00 pace (1% grade) (mostly 8:15 pace).  This is a little slower than the Jack Daniels prescrition of 7:45 pace, but I'll try that next time.  I think I can do it.  I like the treadmill because I am so bad at guessing the pace I am running on my own. Cooldown on elliptical.  Log 6 miles.

Thursday: off; I needed it. I was really sore last night (R Hamstring/Piriformis), but a little advil and a little rest and I felt like I could run a million miles by the afternoon.  Whew. Will lift tomorrow.

Friday: 2 mile warm-up to 7.0; Short Strength Circuit: 2x15 of the following: drive thru's with hammer curls, sumo squat jumps, Lat pulldowns- wide, narrow, reverse, SL raises off bench, knee tucks off bench, SLDL with upright row, Eccentric calf raises/lowers; Treadmill:  10 x 30 sec @ 7.5 (8 minute pace) with 60 sec recovering at 6.0. All at 1% grade.   The pickups felt easy. Hamstring/piriformis initially very sore but the lifting calmed it down for the speedwork.  Log 5 miles.

Saturday: core/stretch

Sunday: Fyffe's 10 mile loop in Putney. (1:28)

Week Summary
A pretty good week.  Felt good to get a couple lifting workouts in and some miles. I like the Putney 10 mile course - and went 4 minutes faster than the last time.  My hamstring/piriformis are on fire but seem to calm down with a little advil and rest so I won't worry yet.  Hope to get another couple long runs in before Amherst and a couple solid weeks of lifting and miles.  Nothing too fancy!  It's a process...and I love it.

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