Sunday, January 23, 2011

WEEK 3: 25 miles and my snowshoe track...

Monday: too much work

Tuesday: Snow day! Got to leave work early and snow shoe on my track in the yard.  Greg had already made it nice and wide, but I wasn't able to run much.  I tried Greg's snowshoes and did a lot better.  Griffin got in a good workout.  Tough conditions but fun to be out there.  Log 2 miles.

Wednesday:  2 mile progression warm-up. Core.  5 mile progression run.  Yoga stretched + more core.  Log 7 miles.  Felt good to get a decent workout in. 

Thursday:  TM 25 minutes uphill 3-5% +12 minutes 0% @ 7.0-7.3....Log 4 miles

Friday: Snowshoe track, slow-going but log 3 miles.

Saturday: TM hill/speedplay, 5 miles

Sunday:  Snowshoe track 13 laps, last 6 without stopping- finally got into a groove.  Avg 3:15/lap ended at 3:04.  Finally felt good and productive on the snow shoes! Log 5 miles

Much better week.  Still haven't been following a plan, but can tell I need to and finally want to stop being a slug!  The snowshoe track has been fun- Greg did a lot of work packing it down nicely during his many snow days.  I made it last year and measured it to almost exactly 1/4 mile. Makes for an easy workout when snowed in.  I finally got comfortable on them today (wearing Greg's Atlas snowshoes) and felt like it was a quality workout. 

This week...get a plan and stick to it!  I think I have time to get back into some sort of shape and maybe even improve for the Amherst 10-miler.  We'll see how much this little hiatus has hurt me.  It's a process...and I love it!

The videos are at the beginning of my workout... I become less Clydesdale and more runner-like later (that's what I am telling myself)...don't mind the little slip- happens all the time!

In this one Greg is standing up near the driveway as the track goes along the river and comes up parallel to the road.  It's kinda boring, but shows more of the course...we are so proud! (Tried to play with the soundtrack and captions, but only works sometimes....something else to distract me from work and running!)

Just some pictures...

Down along the river

Coming down the hill from the house

Griffin running to Greg

Greg and Griffing coming up the hill during a snowstorm on Tuesday...poor Griffin taking it in the face!

Going into the figure 8 loop of the course...

Going down the hill toward the river...

Going up along the road

view of most of the course in the morning from the driveway...