Monday, February 14, 2011

WEEK 6: 30 miles and a 6K

Monday: 2 miles TM, full core circuit, 4 miles TM with pickups/hills.  Log 6 miles

Tuesday:  1 mile TM, body strength circuit, elliptical 20 minutes.  Log 3 miles.  Tuesday night- 45 minutes on a spin bike in the freezing cold covering lacrosse practice out on the turf. 

Wednesday:  off

Thursday: 6 miles treadmill, struggled; 30 minutes on spin bike in the cold at the turf.

Friday: a little warm-up and coer. Log 1 mile.

Saturday:  Bradford Valentine's 6K, 28:07/7:36 pace.   Second in age group; Greg and I were 5th in couples division.  Log 7 miles.

Sunday:  Railtrail with Griffin.  Was really nice for about 30 minutes- then the snowmobiles got going.  Griffin got more angry with each passing one- it was hard to keep her from running after them in "Greyhound mode".  She was begging me with her eyes, but relented and stayed with me.  Log 8 miles.

The race was a mid-week decision.  I wasn't feeling well after the car ride (or before it really) and after warming up still didn't think it was going to be a great day.  Greg was running the 5-miler and I was running the 6K.  The 6K turns off and cuts through to rejoin the 5 mile course so we all finish at the same place.  This meant that Greg would be passing me somewhere along the way!  The course was rolling, and so was my stomach.  They had a timing mat out after the 6K turnoff and I thought maybe it was significant as the first mile mark- so I looked at my watch and it said 9 minutes!  I am terrible at "feeling" my pace, but that made me feel even more sick to my stomach.  So I just tried to maintain and get through it so I could go home!  Greg did come up and pass me around 22 minutes I think.  That was fun. I finished at 28:07, 7:36 pace.  Clearly the mat was not significant!  I did my own cool down and we packed it in for the day.  Greg was second overall and won me a box of chocolates for Valentine's Day AND we got 5th for couples (it's all so romantic).  It could be a really fun event if it was just a little closer to home. 

I looked back at last year's log going into the DH Jones race and I am way off course.  I was doing a lot of 10-12 milers- at least one per week -and here I am struggling to get in a 6-7 mile day.  I am lucky I did a couple 10-milers out at fyffe's this year, but I don't think it's going to be enough.  I will try to get a long run in this Sunday and try to get a couple more longer runs in before New Bedford. I guess I have to suck it up and be ready to suffer at DH Jones.  Oh well, it's a process and I love it!

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