Tuesday, February 8, 2011

WEEK 5: 14 miles and 3 days off

Monday:  I was going to take the day off and get chores done around the house, but I remembered I had Gregs snowshoes in my car and it was a real pretty morning- so out I went just for a quick run around the track.  (Quick in time- not pace.)  Log 3 miles.

Tuesday: Bad workout.  Hamstring/Piriformis would not relax and I had to get off the TM and get on the elliptical and some other weird fitness machine.  Got my heart rate up and worked out the hammy a little, but left feeling a bit discouraged.  Gotta get that massage scheduled.  Log 4 miles.

Wednesday: Snow day!  You'd think that would leave a ton of time to get in a great workout, but that just didn't happen.  First, I went out and just walked a little on the snowshoe track but got cold quickly so I went in to do some chores while Greg ran.  Next, I got on the bike trainer and rode for about 15 minutes- 5 x 30 second sprints included.  A pretty lackluster lift followed with one set of the very few exercises I did.  So then, still feeling crabby, I decided I needed to try to get out on my track.  I lasted 14 minutes (Griffin lasted 5).  The snow had stopped but it was slick and I kept slipping off track and turning my ankle and pulling my hamstring.  I figured it was too nice of a winter scene to be out there screaming swear words and decided to bag the snowshoes and run down the road.  I ran SLOW, but it felt good to be out and getting my heart rate up, finally.    All that for 4 miles.  I wasn't exactly satisfied but I wasn't crabby anymore and made a great dinner (see my other blog)!

Thursday: TM 3 miles, hamstring hanging on by a fiber

Firday- Sunday off

Took the last three days of the week off to calm my hamstring down and because I was busy moving.  By Sunday my hamstring did feel better and I had been eating well so I didn't feel too bad about it.  Try to get back at it this week.  I may suffer at Amherst, but hopefully can string enough good weeks together for a strong New Bedford.  It's a process, and I love it.

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