Monday, March 14, 2011

WEEK 10: 31 miles

Monday: off

Tuesday: Unexpected snappy workout!  My legs feel good!  4 miles TM - ended up being a progression run with a pretty long hill in pull downs 2 x 15 (wide/narrow/reverse), 4 way hip with theraband 2 x 20; calf raises/lowers 2 x 20, supine march 2x30, dead bug 2 x 30, SL SB crunches incl obliques 2 x 20, SB hamstring curls 2x20; downward dog, lunge stretch, SL reach 5x each side. Good workout- maybe because I had 2 bowls of my recovery chili last night!? Hoping to have a nice long run tomorrow...Log 4 miles

Wednesday: Long run...KSC to Surry Damn.  Good run- started out slow, but got it together and got the much needed long run in.  Sunny morning and then the weather changed to cloudy and some wind in my face, but it was nice to be out!  Medial arch blisters from my new Sole inserts- bummer they totally helped my plantar fascitis.  Negative split on the way back 58 to 55min; total 153:/9:25 pace.  Perfect for what I was trying to do (pick it up on the middle miles of E. Surry Road) and the miles on court street were slower because of ice and traffic. Log 12 miles.

Thursday:  off

Friday: 4 miles treadmill, long hill progression run.  Felt good, even though hammy doesn't.  Hot Tub Friday night- helped hamstring loosen up briefly.

Saturday: 0

Sunday:  Long run "with" the boys.  Alumni Field across Maple to Surry Dam and back around.   Good long run.  Felt like I was going slow, so I picked it up a bit on the part of the marathon course where I could see mile markers and see how I was doing.  Apparently I was doing ok.  If my right hamstring hadn't hurt I'd been doing even better- my left leg wanted to get going.  Log 11 miles, 1:34- 8:34 pace. 

Feeling a little better with New Bedford coming up on Sunday.  Got in a long run - two - and felt good about them.  I have a massage scheduled for Friday- hopefully that's not too close to the race, but that's the only time he had and I have to do something with this hamstring/piriformis.   

Going to take it easy this week.  I don't feel sore after yesterday's run to Surry.  I was surprised by the resulting pace of 8:34ish.  That's a bit fast for me considering my race pace for the half marathon is 8:06...or is it? :)  I guess we'll find out Sunday!  It's a process and I love it!

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  1. The picture is close to being a perfect Patterson replica. You need to extend your arms to perfect the pose! ;)

    Nice week!