Monday, March 7, 2011

WEEK 9: 28 miles

Monday: a little sore after my snowshoe adventure with Griffin.  I'm a little bummed my hamstring hurts right away again though- thought the week off was going to be the last of that.  I had plans on hitting the gym but freezing rain and ice encased my car and made it impossible to get out of my driveway for most of the morning.  Griffin accompanied me on a very wet 2 mile run up the road.  It felt good just to do more than walk again.  Log 2 miles + core.

Tuesday:  Treadmill 4 miles + core.  Bit of a struggle, but again felt good to be sweating.  Log 4 miles.

Wednesday: Treadmill.  Very much a struggle.  After 1 mile got off and did some dynamic wamrup.  Had to walk twice for a minute or so.  Played with hills- too tiring and then set up some intervals - that always helps.  8 x 30 seconds at 7.5 with 45 sec at 6.5 for the last mile.  Log 6 miles.

Thursday off

Friday:  Mini circuit madness, 10 x 1 minute@8 minute pace: 45sec 9:15; Log 5 miles

Saturday: 3 miles TM at the gym...

Sunday: 8 miles from hospital to Surry Dam with Ramona

Not a bad week for coming off of a zero.  I'm disappointed that my hamstring hurts even more than before.  I have called and made a massage appointment.  I didn't get that long run in that I desparately needed and the 8 miles felt long!  So I have conceded that New Bedford may not be a new PR for me in a couple weeks.  More like a training run as I look to add the Olesak Half Marathon on April 3rd to my schedule.  So we'll see.  Will try to do that 8 miler a couple more times and maybe a long run next Sunday will work out.  It's a process, and I love it!

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