Monday, March 28, 2011

WEEK 12: 16 miles

Monday: Off

Tuesday: TM + core, a bit tight and sore, log 3

Wednesday: Spin class, felt good

Thursday: Elliptical + TM, very tight - couldn't loosen up. Log 4 miles

Friday:  Spin (race profile), elliptical, core/hip, some strenght, TM, stretch. Felt pretty good.  Log 2.

Saturday: Martini Virus.  No miles, but quite the "core" workout!  That won't happen again for a year or so.

Sunday:  Small Lollipop Nash Run in the woods of Pisgah with Griffin.  Meant to do the big lollipop but I got nervous and turned into a trail I recognized when I saw it.  Still so much to see out there!  A beautiful day! Log 7 miles.

Not exactly the mileage I needed, but I did add a couple spin classes and feel alright.  No races planned until James Joyce so I have 5 weeks to get ready for another 10K PR.  We'll see.  Felt good to be in the woods.  Working on new strength circuits and will get to spin friday and plyopower wednesday mornings.  Hopefully  a long run Sunday.  It's a process, and I love it.

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