Tuesday, April 12, 2011

WEEK 15: 32 quality miles

Monday: Pisgah with Griffin- down Chesterfield Rd 30 minutes and turn around.  Almost made it to the Nash intersection but there was a long stretch of ice I didn't feel like tackling.  Also areas where ground just gives way underfoot, but nice to be out there anyway. LOG 6.

Tuesday: TM 2 miles, 5 Supersets for one circuit, Run 3 at a good pace, core/stretch; LOG 5.  Already more miles than last week and looks like I can double a couple times this week. woo-hoo.  Good thing because next week is busy again!

Wednesday: Spin class; Circuit: lat pull down series, 4 way hip series, dead bugs, HS curls on SB, Toe reaches to SB at ankles, single leg squats, hip hikes. TM: rolling hills for 3 miles. LOG 3.

Thursday:  Warmup 3 miles at 1.5% grade; TM Pyramid: 200, 400, 800 all at 8.0 (7:30 pace) and 1.5% grade, 800, 400, 200, 200 at 8.3 (7:15 pace) and 1.5% grade.  Recovery was just until I felt recovered- mostly jogged those.  1 mile cool down.  GREAT workout.  I was nervous about having the TM up that high but it was fine.  Will get out on the track but this works for now- can't slow down during the interval, that's why I made sure I was recovered.   LOG 8 miles.

Friday:  Longish run KSC to end of Brettwood GC, easy pace. 91 minutes. Feeling surprisingly good (Except for hamstring but I don't count that anymore).  LOG 10 miles.

Saturday: Spin class, short circuit (#3); just couldn't get into it and was a crabby mess until I had a big turkey sandwich from North End Deli - just not enough calories- ruined my whole morning.  I should know when I'm too crabby and anxious to even run that I need food!  Felt back to normal after eating and had fun at Joel and Mel's wedding- danced a few miles too! Log 0.

Sunday:  Couldve had a 40 mile week, but was lazy with Greg again instead.  My calves were definitely tight from all the dancing.  If napping could be converted into mileage I did have a big day!  Log 0.

Overall a great week.  My legs have felt good.  The wedding was worth not getting to 40 miles and this weekend is going to set me up for a long run either.  Maybe I'll do a coupld 10's during the week.  Feeling good about a 10K in 2 weeks.  It's a process, and I love it!

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