Monday, April 25, 2011

WEEK 16: 30 miles

Monday:   10 miles Bretwood GC out and back...1:26; Felt pretty good- calves are still pretty sore from dancing!!!  Wore my Mizuno's without fascia pain.  LOG 10 miles.

Tuesday:  3 miles TM, simple progression with a couple hills.  Light core/strength.  Didn't eat enough calories for breakfast to do much more- plus had to get to work.  Wore my new Addidas - super light- can't wait to wear them on the roads!  LOG 3.

Wednesday: AM1: 1 mi TM, Superset Circuit #1, 1 mi TM, Superset Circuit #2, 1 mi TM.  Stretch.
AM2 (after a meeting):  5.1 miles from KSC in the mist, 43:30 (8:30 pace), Was probably going a little faster than I should be but I felt good so I went with it- I guess it counts as a short tempo run.  First time I wore my new Addidas Zero Mana Sneakers- boy are they light!  My feet don't hurt, but I think I'll save them for all the races coming up in May.  Feelin good.  LOG 8.

Thursday:  off

Friday:  Hike in Pisgah to "Moose Lookout" with Griffin and my Fiance (I didn't know he was my Fiance until the way back of course- it was just Greg at first :)))! Later in the afternoon: Keene Raitrail 7 miles- I thought I would feel peppy with an engagement ring on, but my legs were still a little shocked I guess.  Pretty lame run, but it didn't bother me! :)  LOG 7.

Saturday: traveled with lacrosse teams all day

Sunday: 2 miles in morning with Griffin just up to the school.  Made Jimmy bark when we went by his house....sorry! He didn't hear us on the way back though. LOG 2.

Pretty good week!  Ready for James Joyce 10K, not sure if I'm ready to plan a wedding (is anyone ever?).  It's a process, and I LOVE it!