Monday, May 23, 2011

WEEK 20: 27 miles and Northfield Mtn

Monday: off
Tuesday: Pisgah "with" Griffin and Greg, south woods. LOG 8
Wednesday: Walk Griff; core/hip circuit
Thursday: Pisgah "with" Griffin and Greg, unorganized.  LOG 6
Friday: Pisgah "with" Grffin and Greg, South Woods out and back. LOG 5
Saturday: Northfield Mountain 10.2K race; 59:33. LOG 8
Sunday: walk Grif

Not a very organized week, but it was fun to get out with Greg and Griffin in Pisgah.  It's been very dark in the woods in this weather!  Griffin is very cute because of course she won't leave Greg to run with me, but if we do routes in which he ends up behind me on a trail she picks up my scent and speeds up to get me.  I wasn't expecting that and she scared me the first time it happened!  It's very sweet - she is very fast.  

Northfield was fun.  I was too conservative on the climb, but passed a few people on the way back down the mountain.  That's a tough race, but not like Monroe-Dunbar!  I would like to go over there to run/explore sometime. Greg didn't notice the HUGE reservoir that the mountain overlooks at the spot we all turn around during the race....clearly I wasn't running fast enough.

Lots of Pisgah this week, maybe even a spin class!  No races planned for awhile- gotta save up for a wedding!  It's a process...and I love it!

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