Tuesday, May 3, 2011

WEEK 17: 34 miles and James Joyce 10K

Monday: 10 miles KSC to Surry Dam. LOG 10

Tuesday: off

Wednesday:  AM: 2mile TM + core; AM2: 3 mi KSC loop. LOG 5

Thursday:  Ttreadmill, rolling hills; LOG 5

Friday: KSC loop, LOG 5

Saturday: Spin class got canceled, elliptical/TM; LOG 2

Sunday:  James Joyce 10K, felt good warming up- thought I'd have a pretty good race, but not toally happy with the results.  49:21/7:57 pace.  Good course- rolling hills and windy, but I still felt like I should be faster- or at least a little more comfortable in my stride.  Took a long time to get out of the crowds at the start- there was over 3000 people!  Beautiful day though it took up most of the Sunday! 

Just want to run on the trails.  Will figure out the rest from there.  It's a process, and I love it!!

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