Sunday, May 15, 2011

WEEK 19: 30 miles and Westmoreland 4-miler

Monday: Pisgah with Griffin, to the Vista. LOG 4
Tuesday: AM: 3.5 miler from KSC;  PM: 3.5 miler through my almamater SUNY Cortland (traveled there with Womens Lacrosse). LOG 7
Wednesday: Run in Cortland with 3 strides and some core at the hotel.  LOG 5
Thursday: Slow lazy Beaver Pond loop in Pisgah. Griffin ditches me to run with Greg, but she gerts excited when she sess me waiting for them at the trailhead.  LOG 4
Friday: 0; think I found my wedding dress though.
Saturday:  Westmoreland 4-miler.  32:00.  Slower than Four on the Fourth, but a way harder course.  My first win!  Greg won too!  I got to pick a gift certificate for the massage therapist I like to go to (he was the race director). Sweet! LOG 6
Sunday: Pisgah with Griffin (and her bell), Vista OAB. LOG 4.

A decent week- especially since I spent a couple days on a bus and working a lacrosse game in new york.  I am content with 30 miles (that's the problem I guess!).  It was fun to have my first win.  This next few weeks should be easy to get some mileage in with KSC sports wrapping up, but there seems to be so much on my plate right now! Northfield is this weekend and should be fun.  Will work on getting to some spin classes and just keep chasing miles!  It's a process, and I love it!

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  1. Jackson and I found the results to your race this morning, and he was excited with your wins!