Monday, June 13, 2011

WEEK 23: 31 miles

Monday: Got up early as Greg had made us a plan to do so every M-W-F!  Ran, BY MYSELF, on roads for 5 miles.

Tuesday:  Kilburn Loop- the first of many to come this summer.  Took the right first- not sure if that makes it clockwise or what.  Decided I like the other direction better.  Griffin and Greg went the same direction and came back for me.  We took our first dip in Kilburn....sounds great til you realize how many mosquitos are out there!  Time 1:08, about the same as last year.  LOG 8.

Wednesday:  3 miles in Friedsam Park with Griffin.  Nice day but not a good run.

Thursday: 0

Friday: Friedsam with Griffin and Greg. We ran together for the first loop so I could understand the trails in there and then I continued to do a smaller loop and he did the larger loop again.  Good effort, challenging little trails.  LOG 7.

Saturday:  South Woods Trail, then Nash - Chesterfield Rd and parked at Horseshoe in Pisgah with Greg, Griffin, Glenny, and Jimmy.  Weather was rainy and cool so the deer flys were not around.  Ran hard- almost race effort- probably harder as I think I pushed myself more with the twins behind me!  59 minutes!  Death crawl up Horseshoe road though.  LOG 8

Sunday: 0

Damn so close to 40 miles this week but just couldn't bring myself to do it on sunday!  Otherwise lots of good running.  Days that are good are good and bad when they are bad- not much in between! It's a process, and I love it

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  1. Good running with you and Greg on Saturday night. I was whipped afterwards.