Monday, July 25, 2011

WEEK 29: 25 miles

Monday: off

Tuesday: Hiked Lil' Monadnock with Greg and Griffin (pics below); nice hike and the Rhododendron State Park is really cool.  Good blueberries at the top too!

Wednesday:  AM: Kilburn Loop "with" greg and griffin.  A little tough for the ankle but made it through- slow going.  Lots of blueberries to snack on by the water.  PM: MRHS OAB on roads- pretty tired; LOG 10

Thursday:  Friedsam with Grif - humid.  LOG 5

Friday: off- ankle very swollen

Saturday: Friedsam with Grif; LOG 5

Sunday: While doing laundry ran to Wheelock park; during dry cycle did some BW strength stuff in parking lot.  LOG 5.

Still pretty unmotivated but at least got 25 miles.  Ankle isn't helping my motivation level.  Been eating better though.  Going to run in the Blessing 10-miler this friday- more just to be a part of it, hoping for 85 minutes but that may even be a stretch in my current state of lethargy and obeastness.  It's a process and I love it!

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  1. Jenny!!!! Remember... It's a process and you love it!