Sunday, July 10, 2011

WEEK 27: 35 miles, Four on the fourth, and a sprained ankle.

Monday: Four on the Fourth, Keene.  29:58.  LOG 5

Tuesday:   Freidsam with Grif.  LOG 5

Wednesday: AM: Freidsam "with" Greg and Griff.  Went in the other direction than usual....interesting. 
PM:  Whitcomb Rd loop from MRHS track.  LOG 10

Thursday:  AM: Kilburn Loop "with" Greg and Grif.  Very slow going.  LOG 8  PM: Glenny's fun run in Hinsdale.  Legs were way too tired and I decided I hate running on grass.  Did hte mile loop twice on my own though.  LOG 10

Friday:  off

Saturday:  Ran new trails down in Dover, MA (20 minutes from my brothers house) with Greg and Griffin.  Sprained my ankle at the farthest point away from our start- freaked out a bit for a few minutes and thought I was going to puke, but finally composed myself and jogged it back in.  LOG 5.

Sunday:  Nursing the ankle.  It doesn't like it'll be too bad.

My goal for Four on the 4th was sub-30.  Yikes, just made it.  Felt like I shouldve been faster so I was a little miffed with myself.  I'm just not very tough- especially in the heat.  I feel like I would've done better had I not had a watch.  My first mile was 7:08 and that freaked me out- like I couldn't hold that, but the reality is I probably can.  Mental.  Anyway, it's an improvement from last year.

Doubling wed and thursday (almost) was tough but in a good way on my legs.  I would've had a 40 + mile week if I could've run today.  I've never acutely injured myself like this before- hamstring and fascitis creep up on you, but this was a split second slip and a pop.  I turn my ankle a lot on trails but usually just recover.  This one hurt even though I was going so slow and easy.  Today it looks ok - swollen but I can walk carefully without pain.  I'll take it day by day and who knows maybe the rest will set me up for a more successful Stowe this weekend.  We'll see- It's a process and I love it!

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