Monday, July 18, 2011

WEEK 28: 20 miles and DNF

Monday: off, ankle feeling a little better
Tuesday: elliptical plus lift.
Wednesday: AM: Spin class- haven't done that in awhile!  PM: Whitcomb Road loop from MRHS track.  Ankle feels good with straight ahead running on even footing. LOG 5
Thursday: 3miles around Hinsdale during the fun run- couldn't run ont he grass of the fun run course.  LOG 3
Friday: Westmoreland Railtrail "with" Greg, Ferenc, Boj, and dogs.   Ankle feelin gok but no longer looking very good.  Putney Plunge.  LOG 6
Saturday:  Westmoreland RT again "with" Greg and Griff -ankle ok just didn't feel like running much.  Putney Plunge felt good though.  LOG 2.
Sunday: Stowe 8-miler.  Dropped out at 1 mile.  LOG 4 miles

Not exactly taking care of my ankle as if it were one of my athlete's ankles! But that's not why I dropped out of the race...just didn't feel like running it so I had to bail early or be stuck doing the whole thing- or more than I wanted to.  Everyone around me was so excited to be there and happy with an 8:50 (I've heard it was long, but still) first mile.  I decided I wasn't having fun like I should be and got out of there.  Funny thing is when I waited for the crowd to pass and went running int he other direction I felt pretty good!  I think I was relieved I made a decision and went with it.  It was fun getting back in time to see the boys finish. 

I do have to work on the ankle more- swelling has been up because I can't seem to sit still - or worse I am sitting to much!  The waters of putney help though.

I don't plan on racing again until Pisgah - just not having fun right now. Not even motivated enough to make a plan for next week, but at least there are pictures!  It's a process and I love it! 

The culvert we go swimming at in Putney- sorry forgot to turn it....


Griffin waiting for someone to throw something...anything.....

the boys at Stowe...notice the "stashes" (might have to use the zoom on Goup...:))

Greg finishing....this was right after he gave a funny look when he realized I was already "done"....:)

Glenny's fun run iin hinsdale...6:30pm thursdays

I should take better care of that.....


  1. Hope the ankle gets better. Don't sweat the DNF. I just had one too. Something about "he/she who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day" --Muddy

  2. Thanks for the Fun Runs press!