Tuesday, July 5, 2011

WEEK 26: 25 miles

Monday: Kilburn Loop with Greg and Griffin; 1:05 - fastest so far this year.  Griffin even stayed with me while Greg went ahead!  She was a little bit naughty and got scolded by greg the night before (she deserved it) so she decided to stick with me on the run!  I kept expecting her to to take off and catch him but just when I thought she had I see her way ahead in the trail looking back for me.  She makes sure I see her- I wave - and then takes off again.  She is very sweet (and a little bit naughty).  LOG 8

Tuesday:  off

Wednesday:  Strength drills and the Whitcomb road loop from the MRHS track while the boys did their speed workout.  Felt weird to be on the roads!  LOG 5

Thursday:  Friedsam loop with Griffin before traveling to NY.  Pretty sore from the strength drills last night.  LOG 5

Friday:  Ran a bit while Zach rode his bike at the holding point park in Horseheads.  He didn't like that I could beat him but then he found a short cut back tot he car and beat me!  It was fun, albeit not much of a workout.  Still real sore from the drills.  LOG 2

Saturday:  0; drove back to NH.  Was pretty exhausted and still sore. 

Sunday:  Westmoreland railtrail with Greg, Ferenc, Fyffe, and all the dogs.  Nice trail- easy run.  Finished just as it started to downpour.  OAB 23/21 minutes.  LOG 5.

Not a great week but not bad either.  Clearly I need to add strength back in more often- I leave too much time in between and suffer with each lift now!  But I haven't been too motivated to go that extra mile!  Oh well, it's still a process, and I love it!

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  1. We had fun meeting your family. I hope your ankle heals quickly!