Monday, August 15, 2011

WEEK 32: 28 miles and Yankee Candle 5K

Monday:  lift + elliptical

Tuesday: 3 mile TM.  LOG 3.

Wednesday: AM: 2mi TM;  PM: Whitcomb Road loop from MRHS with Tat.  Core.  LOG 7

Thursday:  0

Friday:  elliptical + TM.  Log 3.

Saturday: Yankee Candle 5K with Greg and Fyffe.  23:41.  50 seconds slower than last year, but won my age group and 3rd overall female.  No candle for age group winners this year - BOOOOOOO!  Felt miserable during but I'm not as far back as I thought.  Log 4

Sunday:  Pisagh with Grif, meant to do mini-vistas but missed the turn for hubbard and went all the way to kilburn trailhead on Davis.  whoops.  1:50.  LOG 11

More miles than I thought but only because I got lost in Pisgah - well not lost- but missed a turn and went 5 extra miles.  I felt strong but was really thirsty.  If I had planned a 2 hour run I would've carried water.  My feet hurt a lot - ankle not better.  Still need to get the extra spin classes and other crosstraining in as well as more circuit madness.  I know this.  It's a process and I love it!

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