Monday, November 21, 2011

WEEK 46: 23 miles and Lil Rhody

Monday: Spin + 4 miles TM.  LOG 4
Tuesday: lift
Wed: AM Spin plus 6 miles TM (6x1min @ 8.0), LOG 6
Thursday: Lift
Friday: TM, slow, struggle.  LOG 4
Saturday: Spin, really good class, had to back off so as not to be too tired for Lil Rhody.
Sunday: LIL Rhody, 1:13:30 (9:11pace); LOG 9

Lots of good spin classes this week- they are helping me lean down a little.  Tuesday I had planned a longish run in Pisgah which wouldve brought me over 30 miles for the week but was just too tired from the weekend travel and work.  Good decision because Greg pushed himself and didn't enjoy it so much.  We went to bed at 7pm...not exaggerating.  But really only an hour earlier than usual!  It was glorious!  Back to normal on the sleep scale. 

We traveled to RI for Thanksgiving with Gregs family and LilRhody.  The weather was perfect.  Fueling on a Thanksgiving feast on Saturday worked out just fine!  Greg and I walk on the beach early Sunday before the race with Grif and before we knew it it was time to get over to the park.  I had no idea what to expect, I hadn't raced in forever and really my ankle just started feeling good a couple weeks ago.  I thought I'd be able to eek out what I did last year.  My concern was getting stuck in the bottle neck at the begining like I did last year.  So like a giant ass I went out in probably 6 minute pace.  And pretty much my race was over by the time we hit the campground...mile 1.5?  Yah, that bad.  I spent the rest of the miserable miles beating myself up.  I wasn't wearing a watch - otherwise I might have been crying.  My stomach wasn't quite right either- lay it on.  Anyway, I finished somewhat strong on the road and apparently invisible as no one I knew saw me finish.   Just as well, I was well over my time from last year, 1:13:30 compared to 1:08.  Over 9 minute pace.  yuck.  Oh well I didn't get upset- at least I ran and finished and felt relatively good.  On the ride home Greg and I figured out that last year I had had 5-6 major trail races under my belt (Pisgah, Monroe, Madame Sheri, Groton, etc...) going into Rhody (and I was a little lighter...ok a lot).  But the racing was probabaly the biggest difference. Next fall I'll try to get more races in, but since I may be covering Soccer next year at work my schedule could be worse than it was this fall...I didn't know that ws possible, but it is.  Anyway, also will go out SLOW. 

The day was fun- 6 Hammett's ran the race.  It was fun seeing Sarah (Jonny's wife) so happy and feeling good when she finished.  That helped me to stay positive too.  Maybe she'll attack the Pisgah 25K next fall?  :)  Greg won - his fifth win at Lil Rhody!  And Jonny, Glenn, and Pard all ran well too.  (I'll get Pard next year again...:)) Boj is apparently back as he finished well too.  Add in Randy and Bently and it really becomes a big event of a lot of friends and family.  Fun times. 

This week will be interesting.  I've already taken today off.  I have a couple good workouts coming up, but not necessarily miles.  Thanksgiving 5K - who knows what the hell will happen there!  A long run planned friday at home.  Also going to take a look at my training plans and may switch to a 10-cycle as I get into marathon training mode.  Might make my weekly miles weird but I think I'll still log them here like that.  We'll see, with work winding down for a little break I can pay attention to myself a little....It's a process, and I love it!

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