Monday, November 28, 2011

WEEK 47: 24 miles and Thanksgiving 5K

Monday: off
Tues: Lift - DB circuit; 4 mile TM; LOG 4
Wed: Supreme Core (Snow/Freezing Rain halted my attempt for spin class)
Thurs: Pie and Glove 5K; 23:15; LOG 4
Friday: Dann's Blvd OAB at Home; LOG 6
Sat: Great Spin class, 60 minutes!
Sun: Surry Dam with Ramona; LOG 10

Lil Rhody was definitely disappointing but I still wasn't sure what would happen at the Thanksgiving 5K.  No racing really takes away any sense of where I am at with things.  Greg and I headed over ot the Pie and Glove 5K Thursday morning.  Kate came over later- she doesn't get the "getting there an hour early" thing.  It was a beautiful day!  All 1500 of us lined up on a tiny road full of pot holes and off we went.  I went out fast again but only to get around the hairpin turn without being trampled.  Then a bunch of people started passing me.  I just tried to settle in and see what would happen.  First mile was 7:10.  I was happy with that and tried to hold on.  Theres a section where the leaders go the opposite direction so I got to cheer on Greg...I thought he'd close the gap I saw.  I missed the second mile so I am unsure where the decline started but it wasn't terrible.  I was off my PR by 30 seconds but at least now feel like I can get back to that and better. 

I had a nice run at home on Friday before the drive back and went to an awesome spin class Saturday.  I finally got to run with someone on Sunday, Ramona, and we did the Surry OAB for a good 10 miles nice and easy.  Sounds like she may be around for some more runs now that biking season is over for her - that's good for me, I get bored on my own all the time!

Pretty fair way to officially start my marathon training - I registered today for Vermont City Marathon and New Bedford HM (March).  Now if this headache would go away I could plan the rest of the week!  It's a process, and I love it!

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