Monday, March 5, 2012

WEEK 9: 32 miles and Caumsett 25K

Monday: elliptical x 30 minutes + core
Tuesday: Core + % mi TM + 1 mile indoor trk; LOG 6
Wednesday: TM+ trk; LOG 7
Thursday: 0: snowday!
Friday: Legs hurt!  Elliptical 20 minutes
Saturday: Caumsett State Park, course preview; LOG 3
Sunday: Caumsett 25K 2:11:59/8:30 pace; LOG 16

Not a good week as far as miles go.  It's hard to explain but my legs just HURT.  This is week 3 of that nonsense.  The first couple I could explain away because of sickness.  I had started taking Calcium and Vit D a couple weeks ago, but am going to stop and see if that is the culprit.  I can't take a multivitamin for some reason - just messes with me, so maybe I just have to space out the calcium and vit D too.  Anywho...

We went to NY (long island) on Saturday after a underwhelming week of running and a snowstorm!  I was nervous about how I would feel and the warmup on the course Saturday did not put me at ease.  My legs didn't feel good.  I spent that night massaging, foam rolling, and icing (even went into the tepid hot tub at the hotel).  Ate well and hydrated and even got a great night of sleep without a cat walking over me every 2 hours!  It was all I could do I guess.  We left for the race Sunday and I was trying to be positive because I really wanted to have fun- had to be more fun than doing a long run by myself on the streets of Keene so I wanted to take advantage of it. 

The race venue is pretty awesome.  The setting is an old estate turned into a state park that I find intriguing - the mansion was right out of the Great Gatsby novel and the buildings and grounds are amazing even though they aren't open to the public and are a bit run down at this point. Anyway, the 50K started an hour before the 25K so I had plenty of time to think about my was 2:15.  The 5K loop is pretty flat with just enough rolling hills to change the muscles working in your legs for a bit.  The little out and back is tough but just adds to the scenery of who's behind you and ahead of you.  The weather was supposed to be warmer than it ended up being, but I was dressed perfectly yet again.  I didn't do much of a warmup, but it was fun watching the first hour of the 50K play out.  I wasn't sure how my legs were going to feel, but I decided to pretend they'd be fine and planned out my race.  My plan was to do each 5K starting at 8:45 pace and work my way up to 8:15 pace.  That didn't quite happen but I am pleased nonetheless.  We started and my legs felt ok.  So I went with it.  Here are my splits...

1st 5K: 26:15 / 8:28 pace....this felt ok to me so I changed my plan and just tried to maintain...

2nd 5K: 26:26 /8:30 pace...still felt ok and got a little pat on the buns from my husband as he lapped me!

3rd 5K: 26:39 /8:35 pace...hmmm felt like I had gone faster but did walk to drink some gatorade...

4th 5K:  26:15 /8:28pace...ok recovered a little, still felt pretty good, started passing people that had been around me for awhile...

5th 5K:  26:20 /8:29pace...again thought I had gone a little faster but I did do the gatorade thing right at the beginning of this lap and I guess made up for it. 

Even splits!  I'm not even sure I tried to be that even so can't say I learned anything about pacing myself!  Also not sure I could do 11 more miles at that pace, but that's the plan.  Lots of long runs coming my way.     It was fun to have the boys lap me so I could see what was going on in the race while running!  Went from 72nd place to 62nd overall, 13th female.  I was pretty happy.  I guess I'm encouraged for the marathon, but a little discouraged for the half marathon coming up in two weeks.  

I'm a bit sore today- wanted to sneak in a couple miles so I could take a couple off a longer run this week, but that wasn't going to happen.  Opted for the elliptical instead for 35 minutes.  Sat in the cold whirlpool for about 15 minutes, hopefully that'll help calm things down.  I'll experiment with the calcium and vit D supplements.  

Gotta run through it tomorrow- need a big week this week!!!!  Then a little lower mileage to at least try to run a good race at New Bedford.  I have to remember I wasn't really pushing myself at Caumsett like I hope to be at New Bedford. Goal is sub1:45, but I am not going to wear a watch and just go with it. My last race in the open category - I'll be a master for the Fast Friends race on March 31st!!!  After that it's all about Vermont City.  I have long runs mapped out already.  Getting a little nervous!  It's a process and I love it!!

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