Monday, March 26, 2012

WEEK 12: 38 miles and a good long run...

Monday: Bike x 30 minutes + core
Tuesday: 0
Wed: Lily-Nash with Griffin + 2 hill sprints; LOG 10
Thurs: Lift + spin class - felt good
Fri: Keene Railtrail to dump from target, 4 pickups; LOG 10
Sat: Spin class
Sun: 18 mile long run- surry damn and Wheelock loop from Tats house- Tat joined me for the last 6; LOG 18 (2:33/8:30 pace)

Not a great week for mileage but it was a great week for my peace of mind and body!  I let myself really recover after the New Bedford debaucle and made a conscious effort to do more crosstraining- mostly in the form of spin class.  I'm focusing on good quality running and took out all my lower mileage days and opted to lift and spin.  Lower mileage, but higher quality.  Being on the trails wednesday was glorious.  Wood frogs, blue heron, and no bears.  Griffin is happy to calm me by wearing a collar of bells- we sound like santa coming through the forest!  The railtrail is always a good workout, but not my favorite.  Spin classes were good and I will try to add another lifting day this week since I won't be doing an especially long run this weekend. 

The long run Sunday is what has put me in the best mood.  I planned a route from Tat's house since she was going to join me for the last 6 miles.  I went up to Surry dam, down 12A and around Darling st and back by Brettwood and back to Tats house by the hospital.  That was exactly 12 miles and I felt great.  Right from the get go I had a spring in my step.  I planned on just trying to lock into goal marathon pace like I did at caumsett.  I didn't set myself up with an easy route either!  I got back to Tat's feeling pretty good and took my second GU- no stomach issues.  We set off for the final loop and I was really tired from 12-14 miles, but then all of a sudden I got a burst of energy and felt strong right to the end.  18 miles in 2:33, 8:30 pace.  It felt great - I still feel good, so I guess I didn't over do it.  I also loved my new sneakers - Asics Gel Neo33.  I do have a black Left big toe nail though- hopefully not something that'll happen everytime I wear them! 

This week I am going to let myself recover fully from the long run (feeling fine right now), hopefully hit the trails Wednesday (if it's not snowing) and a couple spin classes somehow- although that's not looking promising in my schedule right now.  Saturday is the Fast Friends race so that'll be a good workout (and my first race in the "masters" field!).  Nothing too long Sunday.  Next attempt at a long run will be a week from Friday.  Hopefully it'll be a little warmer so I can see if I can keep pace in a little heat!  It's a process, and I love it!

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