Monday, April 23, 2012

WEEK 16: 40 miles and feeling better

Mon: 0
Tues: lift plus 3 miles on TM
Wed: Chapman/Jordan Hills loop from KSC, 1:28; LOG 10
Thu: Spin plus core
Fri: Pisgah with Greg and Griffin after lots of yardwork; LOG 7
Sat: Spin at TFZ- tired legs
Sun:  Long run in Pisgah with Griffin, 2:50; LOG 20

Finally back to running.  The 3 miles I did after having over a week off due to sickness felt legs were fresh and I can't wait to taper for the marathon! My legs were tired Friday when trying to run after a morning of yardwork.  The big day of the week was Sunday.  It was pretty gross out and I had planned 18 miles on the roads in Keene.  That morning I had no motivation to head out on my own and had talked myself down to 10 miles if that...Greg suggested running with Griffin in the woods and that was a great idea. I had planned on doing mini-vistas and then go right into Lily-Nash-South Woods after a water break at the top of Winchester road.  At the end of the mini vistas loop I realized my mistake of doing it in that order...bombing down Hubbard Hill is way more fun at the end of a run than climbing out of South Woods!  SO halfway through our second loop on Lily Pond Trail I started thinking maybe I'd add on another Mini-Vistas loop!  I made the mistake of leaving my water bottle at the top of Winchester, but instead of going to get it and risk changing my mind, I turned left coming out of South Woods and went right on to Reservoir Road to Baker Pond- and up and over Hubbard.  Bombing down Hubbard at the end of almost 3 hours in the woods was as fun as I thought it would be...yah I was a little thirsty, but it was worth it.  Griffin had fun, she always seemed surprised when she realized we were heading back into the woods instead of home.  She was definitely tired, but I am rejuvenated and feel like I am back on track.  Just gotta get some warm weather runs in...doesn't look like this week....It's a process and I love it!

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