Monday, April 30, 2012

WEEK 17: 34 miles and James Joyce

Monday: off
Tuesday: 4 mi TM + lift; LOG 4
Wed: Pisgah trails (Lily-Nash-SW + Mini Vistas) with Griffin; LOG 14
Thursday: spin class
Friday: Roads with Tat joining me for the last 3...tough morning; LOG 8
Saturday: ellipitcal + core
Sunday: James Joyce 10K 48:32/7:49 pace; LOG 8

Not the high mileage week I had hoped for.  I guess the long trail run Sunday and then Wednesday pooped me out.  Friday I had planned 15 on the roads, but it just wasn't meant to be...a pit stop in the woods and the wind and generally feeling like crap put an early stop to that plan.  Would have only done 5 had Tat not come out to meet me for the last 3. Blah.  and then another blah day Saturday.  Just tired I guess.

Sunday we decided to go tot he James Joyce 10K.  I didn't have any expectations except to use it as a good workout.  I was having some serious stomach issues during my warmup and 2 stints in the portopotty didn't put me at ease.  I was really nervous I was going to have an accident on the course, but went anyway- it was 40 bucks afterall.  It was a really nice day, bit windy, but I started the race and didn't feel my stomach like I expected.  Not that I felt good, I didn't.  Just felt rickety?  Couldn't get into a comfortable stride and I had started so far back I thought my first mile was going to be 9 minute pace.  Well clearly I haven't gotten any better at judging pace because I came through mile 1 at 7:40.  It's the fastest mile on the course and I wasn't feeling taxed cardiovascularly so I just locked in for fear of straining any more would cause a stomach issue.  Apparently I did lock in; the remainder of the miles went like this...7:50, 7:50, 7:54, 7:51, 7:54, and 1:30 for the last .2 miles (7:30 pace- that's all I got for a "kick" even with my cute husband yelling for me to do so...sorry honey!)  So I may not know what pace I am going but I can lock in on one!  Greg had a PR day and I wish I had dug in a little harder to get one too as I was only 20 seconds off.  I was 13/161 40-44 year old females.  Pretty big race with almost 2000 runners, but well organized and a nice venue.  It's a tough course but I really like the rolling hills - the wind I could do without.  :) Maybe next year!

I really need to go out with the pacer at Vermont City or I'm going to blow up early.  I am still feeling confident I can run 8:30 pace and come in at 3:45ish. Also feel like I should be able to do a half marathon at the 7:50 pace- that's next years project.  First gotta get through the next 4 weeks and the marathon!  Trying to stay confident but this week wasn't at all the confidence builder I had hoped for.  I guess it's normal to have the high's and lows like this...that's been the hardest part of this training.

This week I am taking care of Griffin's running needs so we will be in the woods Tuesday and Wednesday.  She doesn't like the rain, but she doesn't like days off more!  So rain or shine we'll be out there tomorrow.  Since I have to work all day Sunday (KSC women's lacrosse LEC championship game in Plymouth) my last long run will be next Monday instead of Sunday. Supposed to be mid 60's so that will be a good test.  I almost wish it was the marathon itself!  It's a process and I am loving it!

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