Monday, May 3, 2010

WEEK 17: 34 miles and lots of trails and a bear cub!

 Previous week: 32 miles

Monday: Walked 2 mile; Not sleeping well at all
Tuesday: circuit madness + 5 mi TM, mostly comfortable with a couple pickups- worked on mechanics
Wednesday: Spin + core; legs are a bit tired from yesterdays workout and want to be fresh for a good track workout tomorrow
Thursday: Burt Hill Road - 6 miles
Friday: off
Saturday: 13 mile trail run with Ramona and Mariah; 2.5 hours, Awesome
Sunday: Pisgah Trail Run, 2.5 hours, 10 miles, solo - until running into the bear cub
This week: 34 miles

So looking back the week didn't start off that great but it ended awesome!  It turned out to be a strength week between my circuit madness on tuesday which left my legs very tired and kinda sore, but by the weekend i was ready to put on some miles on the trails.  Saturday morning I met up with Mariah and Ramona in Keene and we did a 13 mile route out to Surry, for 2.5 hours.  It was good because with Mariah being faster than the both of us, I could try to keep with her without getting off course because Ramona was recovering from a bike ride the day before. 

Sunday I went solo over to Pisgah St Park.  I really wanted to see the Pisgah Ridge even though it was a hazy day- and hot by the end of the run.  I went in at Kilburn trailhead and across to Pisgah Ridge trail and turned south to go toward the Reservoir trail.  My intention was to loop around and come up the other side of Pisgah Ridge, but a little animal changed my direction.  At first I thought it was a black shaggy dog, then I was hoping it was a beaver as I had just gotten to the reservoir, but I really couldn't get past the black fur and little tail and wasn't going to bet that Mama Bear wasn't up around the next corner!  So I turned back and headed up the ridge...quickly. That's the nice things about trails- looks completely different heading the other way!  It is a beautiful place to run- the change in surroundings in the 2 hours I was out there is amazing- felt like a movie set sometimes- Lord of the Rings or something.

This week, I'm not totally sure.  Want to get a track workout in and hit Northfield Mtn race course.  Been losing my planning mojo, but it'll work out now that my schedule is getting lighter in the mornings. Anyway, lots of trails meant more confidence for saturdays first trail race!  Heading home friday night, should be's a process and I love it!

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