Sunday, May 9, 2010

WEEK 18: 20 miles and first trail race

Previous week: 34 miles
Monday: plyopower + a little upper strength
Tuesday: off; cleaned the crap out of my closet! It was worth it.
Wednesday: Track workout- kinda crappy, couldn't get into a rhythm, ended up doing 6 x 400m/splits all over the place so I won't even write it down. 4miles in all.
Thursday: Core + TM 4 mile tempo;
Friday: 4 miles road; legs are still really tight and tired, but it felt good to be out in the beautiful weather!!! Looking forward to the race tomorrow- wish it was going to be nice weather, but it's not supposed to be, still going to be fun though! Looking forward to a better week next week, kinda off this week.
Saturday:13K Trail Race, Dryden, NY
Sunday: off- drive back to NH
This week: 20 miles

Kind of an off week- been fighting off a cold and my legs, although not sore, were very tired from all the miles last weekend.  Not much to write about as the workouts were weak, but the trail race was a lot of fun.

First of all, I met up with a high school friend I hadn't seen in over 7 years!  We haven't changed a bit!!! :)  That's Tammy in the pictures.  We have our 20th high school reunion this summer, doesn't seem possible. 

Anyway, we got to the site at 9:30am in Dryden, NY.  The race was in the Hammond State Park and some of the trails are part of the Finger Lakes Trail System.  Pretty nice area.  The forecast wasn't good, but I wasn't worried as I have yet to have bad weather for a race!  And it holds.  It was kind of hot and humid at the start but cool by the end as the wind picked up....and buggy the whole time.  But Tammy had some Burts Bees Bug Repellant- gotta get some.
The race started on a dirt road and my legs felt immediately tired- no we did not warmup much at all.  duh.  So I followed the lead pack right past the first turn!  All of a sudden there were people coming back down the road towards me telling us to turn around!  We missed the turn - I guess we were all concentrating on the massive water puddles in the road.  Probably added only a quarter mile in all though. So we went back to the turn and I spent the next 15 minutes letting the faster people get by and then getting myself back to where I was.  The trails were awesome- a little bit of everything- roots, mud, rocks, trees to get over, a couple small streams, like i said everything you'd expect.  The weather held- I think it sprinkled a little bit and it got really dark as if it was going to thunder, but it never did- it did get windy. 

I am terrible at judging how far I've traveled so I really thought I was doing 15 min/mile and almost started walking so Tammy could catch up and we could at least chat the rest of the way.  I just didn't feel like I had any energy.  I did take a GU and some gatorade at about 55 minutes in (I thought I had to be at least halfway) and it seemed to help.  I also started catching up to and passing people ahead of me, so I kept running.  Eventually I started to feel pretty good and began to pick it thing I know I come out of the woods onto the dirt road and the END!  I had no clue I had gone 8.25 miles (13K plus a little extra for the scenic detour) and in 1:20... I'll get faster, but I was happy because I really thought it was going to be longer.  It was fun to get dirty!!!  So all in all, a good day.  Tammy came in soon after and we called it a successful day! 

This week I am hoping my legs are rested and ready to roll. I ate a lot of "junk" this weekend and need to get that under control, but I swear sometimes a couple days of not worrying about it helps me recover.  I want to have a good track workout this week for sure!  It's a process....

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