Sunday, May 23, 2010

WEEK 20: 22 miles and Northfield Mtn

Previous week: 38 miles
Monday: plyoppower, small upper circuit, core, TMx 3miles; felt good after initially waking up feeling as crappy as yesterday...running heals everything...=)
Tuesday: track workout (8x400)
Active recovery 400m; Good workout- all before 7am! All splits under 7 min/mile pace (6:30-6:50 min/mile pace), now if I could just string them together! =) 1 mile warmup/cooldown = 6miles in all.
Wednesday: A tad sore from yesterday in the hips/low back and stuff so took it easy. I really want my legs to feel good this weekend. Core (not all but someof the usual routine) + TM x 3 miles + Elliptical (my old friend)x 30 min
Thursday: Sports Med 5K course, easy pace; cute little course, felt good. Only did it once because my hips/low back are still sore- although not bad while running.
Friday: spin +core
Saturday: Northfield Mtn Trail Race, 5.3 miles + cooldown at home = 7 miles; time 51:01; kinda felt like I shold have been stronger, but the reality is I am new at this.  This was way more of a "mountain" race as opposed to the NY trail race....took me 33 minutes to get up and 18 to come down!  I have work to do, but it's a process and I love it!
Sunday: Lazy, but a really really fun day!
This week: 22 miles

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