Monday, May 31, 2010

WEEK 21: 40 miles and Glassfest 8K

Previous week: 22 miles
Monday: 5 miles Drummer hill
Tuesday: track workout:  400/1:46   1600/7:36  800/3:55  800/3:50  400/1:44  400/1:46
7 miles in all
Wednesday: 12 miles; rail-trail to hinsdale around depot road; good run, no watch
Thursday: very unfocused circuit
Friday: spin +core (finally a quality core workout); drive home to NY
Saturday: Glassfest 8K, Corning NY; 38:37
7:29/7:39/7:20/8:32/7:38 Nice flat course. For some reason I puked up all my fluids right before the start and really wasn't feeling well- not much of a warm-up, but once we got started I felt alright. First mile went by fast and I was kinda surprised it was that fast. I think miles 3/4 markers were a little off, I know I was fading but not that much...overall pace 7:45; just gotta get stronger...4th place in my age group
Sunday: long run at home; 11 miles, lots of hills but felt great, 1:45
This week: 40 miles

Pretty good running this week.  I needed that going into the beginning of Swampbat season and things getting crazy at work.  This week will be lucky if I get good workouts in and when swampbats start (friday) my sleeping schedule is completely thrown off- having to stay up past 8 pm!  YIKES!  So I'm worried about the running taking a big hit and nutrition is always a problem - gotta pack so I don teat the pizza and subs on road trip! Could get ugly.  But with mornings off I should be able to keep it together.  Will try to throw in some shorter local trail races and hope no games are schedule on June 20 so I can run Greylock.  I guess that's my next big race if it works out.  Still have to decide what my fall races will be...I keep saying that.  It's a process....

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