Sunday, August 15, 2010

WEEK 32: 27 miles, 5K PR, and the best goodie bag....

Miles so far: 27 ....Previous week: 37

Kilburn walk with Greg and dogs; surprisingly NOT sore!

Pisgah with the girls, Greg, and his Dad, log 4 miles

Circuit Madness AM
Circuit 1: Drive Thur with Db's x 15, T-hops x 10 each side, 45* lunges x 15, Lat pull downs (wide/Narrow/Rev) x 15 each, SLR off bench x 15; Go thru circuit x 2 then TM 2 miles
Circuit 2: Step-ups with Drive Thru x 15 each, Good mornings with upright row x 15, wide squat with tricep press, SL squats x 15 each, knee crunches off bench, Go thru Circuit x 2 then 2 miles TM....Log 4 miles

Pisgah: Davis Hill Trail -Baker-Pisgah Ridge- to Kilburn....pretty weak effort, just wasn't into it even though the weather was perfect. I was alone and got creeped out today maybe because it was getting stormy out. Saw a Big coyote- he was watching me come up the trail and ran when I stopped after seeing a ghost. Cool, but scary. Log 6 miles

Kilburn loop with Greg, Griffin, Lenna, and Ellie; a good run - I felt like it was going to be real slow as I felt tired and was struggling to keep up, but timewise it was a minute faster than usual. (1:06) I really like that run. Log 8 miles.

Deerfield 5K: 22:50/7:23 pace, Log 5 miles

Rail Trail?

Pretty good week, got a bunch of different workouts in.  Still happy about the 18 miles last sunday and how quickly I recovered - or at least wasn't sore monday.  A lot of caffeine in the form of mixed drinks and dance party active recovery at Glenn and Gina's pre-wedding party Sunday night must have been the trick!

Saturday I went to South Deerfield to run a 5K at the Yankee Candle Flagship store complex.  Greg went to the Bridge of Flowers 10K but it was 40 bucks and a hard course, so I decided to do my own thing.  I was happy with my decision for a few reasons.  First, I needed to start doing more 5K's- I think my last was Thanksgiving and my unofficial time was 26+ minutes.  Second, the goodie bag was awesome!  I got a t-shirt, water bottle, candle (strawberry), chapstick, air freshener, and a red dress pin.  Third, it was for a good cause- the red dress pin represents the American Heart Association and it's cause to raise money and awareness for heart disease in women.  Oh, and Fourth, it was only 20 bucks.

What a beautiful day!!!!  I got there plenty early, registered and warmed up only for about a mile plus dynamics.  Seriously, what a beautiful day.  It was a small crowd and no race course map so I just followed the pack.  We were off at 9am.  I felt pretty good and at 1 mile my split said 7:07...Geez I didn't know I felt that good, I was ready to start slowing down.  Mile 2 went through a school complex and turned us around to go back the way we came.  At  mile 2, 6:59.....what?????  Ok maybe the markers are a bit off, I felt like I was holding steady but really doubt that I was getting faster!  Mile 3 felt long as I was getting tired by then. I mistakenly tried to get "comfortable", but that just leads to slowing down.  My mile 3 split was around 8 and :43 for the .1.  Hmmm I was fading but I don't think that badly, so maybe the markers were a little off.  I finished at 22:51 for a 7:23 pace. I was 27th overall (so was Greg at Bridge of Flowers!) and 5th female.  Small race and a fun, nice atmosphere. The winning time was "slow", but that lead pack missed the first turn and probably added a full quarter mile or more to their race.  Luckily I was right at the turn when they started correcting everyone.  I want Greg to run it next year because the winner gets a year's supply of Yankee Candles!  (When Fyffe heard that it bacame a race!)

Anyway, I'm really happy with my time and it gives me confidence to run more 5K's.  I think they could help a lot with my half marathon training and learning to judge my pace better.  I'm looking forward to the next one already- not sure when as I start work this week and will have to look at my schedule.  Summer is over, but I am looking foward to the fall! I need to set up my training plan for the Baystate Half Marathon and include the Pisgah 23K. Might add 5 miles a little later today on the rail trail with Greg. It's a process....and I love it...

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