Sunday, August 8, 2010

WEEK 31: 37 miles and a long run

AM: Mt. Pleasant, ME;
PM: 5 miles on the roads in harrison Maine. Most uncomfortable boring run ever with Greg and Griffin. I think they felt the same way. Plus Subway an hour before was not a good idea. oh well, log it.

Speckled Mtn, ME;
(See previous post for the overview of the maine hikes and pictures....)

PM: Spin class. Good endurance ride- I needed that.

AM: Kilburn loop with Glenn- clockwise, while Greg and Girffin went counterclockwise. 58 minutes to crossroads. Paced myself way better in the beginning so I could make it up the hill coming back up the west side- didn't have to walk (although got real slow). Rain and thunder. The hill on the road coming back to the parking lot is what kills me, but 6 minutes this time. Good morning. Log 8 miles.

PM: 3 miles on Treadmill- mostly for stress relief

Circuit Madness- finally some strength training again.

Circuit # 1
BW step-ups with knee drive x 24, squat jumps onto bench x 12, Good Mornings with upright row x 12, straight leg raises off bench x 15; go through circuit x 2 and run 1 mile on treadmill.
Circuit #2
Squat with MB squeeze x 12, split squat jumps x 12, back lunges x 12, Knee tuck off bench x 15; Got thru circuit x 2 and hten run 1 mile.
Circuit #3
Single leg elevated bridge on BOSU x 12 each leg, SB overhead press into chest press x 15 each, drop lunges with lateral raise x 12 then as jump x 12; Go thru circuit x 2 then run 1 mile.
Log 3 miles.

Felt really good.  Only went through each circuit x 2 instead of usual 3 because I don't want to be too sore for the long run Sunday.  Kinda wish I just went through all cicuits at the end- next time.  Tomorrow spin class and then 20 on sunday! woo-hoo!

Spin: pretty lethagic effort, had to grab a GU in the middle of class!

LONG RUN with Ramona, 18 miles on rail-trail in Keene from Target.  1:32 first 9 miles/ 1:23 back.

Miles: 37
Previous week: 30

Another weird week of summer and trying to stay on some sort of schedule.  Lots of hiking Monday and Tuesday, which is in the post below, and thursday was a good run in Pisgah.  I had contacted my friend Ramona, who is training for a full marathon, to see if she was doing any long runs I could jump into.  Luckily she was today and it fit in my schedule and this morning we did 18 miles on the flat railtrail.  I was a little nervous because I hadn't exactly been good with nutrition the day before (unless beers and pizza are good) and really haven't run 18 miles since last fall and not more than 10 in months.  I thought maybe I'd turn around at 7 and let her go on, but as the run progressed I felt really good and decided to do the 9 miles out and back.  The first nine were real slow and I let her set the pace, it was her training after all, so I think it was about 10 minute miles (1:32).  There is a slight uphill grade to the dump, but it felt easy and goes by faster when theres someone to talk to!  Almost at the turnaround we picked up a friend that Ramona knows and they got chatting and running.  By the time we turned around at 9 miles I decided to step it up a little and leave them behind.  I think I did good at keeping myself comfortable but working and not hitting race pace effort.  I just wanted to finish in less than 3 hours overall. Miles 9 thru 16 I picked it up and when I got to the dump I really took advantage of the slight downhill grade from there.  I wasn't sure where I was but I slowed down with about 2 left but not so much that I thought it would take me to 3 hours.  I hit the Target parking lot at 2:55 and still felt strong and the pavement felt good.  I did well with the Gu's (1 every 30 minutes after an hour for 3 Gu's total) and wore my hydration pack (a spot on my back burned like a fire in the shower!).  In any case, I was happy with the effort and encouraged.  I probably should be doing a fall full marathon since it looks as if I have topped out on the speed improvements for the year! 

The focus is still unfocused until I get into my new job and figure out what my schedule is going to be like.  I will be over at KSC as an athletic trainer, which means Sunday work - aka less racing.  I'll just have to choose more carefully and try ot get that time off.  As it is now, I will ask for Pisgah, Baystate, and Lil Rhody race days off and will fit in others as I can. 

Another focus will be getting this 8 pounds off that have crept onto me this summer (I know, I, beer.....). No wonder why my speed improvements have come to a screeching halt...but that could be another blog entirely! 

There's a lot going on this week as will be attending Glenn and Gina's 3-day festival wedding!  It will be a good time and I never have to worry about finding time to run as long as Greg is around!  I will be sure to get another day in at the gym for some more circuit madness and just see how things go I guess.  I might run the Bridge of Flowers 10K saturday to get a workout in (greg is racing), but the $40 + registration annoys me, so we'll see.  It's a process...and I love it...

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